Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hell hath no fury...

....Like a woman scorn'd.  That's actually a misquote but I have bigger fangly fish to fry, so let's move on.

(Grumble) This Thanksgiving season I am grateful my many first-world problems, because no matter how many of them I have...they are just that. On to my rant. It's too soon for my red wave; I don't know why I have so much free-floating anger. I am searing with anger right now that has no explanation...and you get to read about it! If you choose to. If not, s'okay.

Here we go.
The certitude of many men when they think they know something makes me want to spew obscenities. LOUDLY. They rarely say, "I read..." or "I heard..." or "In my experience..."

They will flatly tell you you're wrong, proceed to spout their "facts" as if dropping pearls of wisdom in your poor, stupid, misinformed little girl head.

When you look it up and prove you did actually know what you're talking about... or carefully explain why their experience is not your experience... they ask you why you're making such a big deal...or give you the look that means the same...and just say "oh," or words to that effect. The nicer ones will add, "Sorry."
The response that makes me most angry is, "I guess that's okay." Oh, well now that I have your permission to know my own body/life/mind better than you I feel so much better about your patronizing verbal dick wagging.

Why AM I making such a big deal? Because NOBODY likes to be told condescendingly and flat out that they're wrong. Asshat.

Also, I'll wager you dollars to doughnuts that women in third-world countries would agree with me, they're just too busy barely surviving to make a blog entry about it.

Do you think dick wagging should be hyphenated?

Friday, November 18, 2011

I like water, but this is a bit much.

Did you ever feel like you were going along just were handling stuff...your situation isn't the best but you could still be happy...and then inexplicably you feel like you're alone and drowning? Like you were floating along just find and then were suddenly just sucked to the bottom of the ocean by your own mind? that. I hate it when that happens.

Also?  Trying to find an image of the bottom of the ocean by googling "bottom of the ocean" images gets you lots of pictures of butts.  Some of them naked.  Just a warning.  Or a suggestion, whichever you prefer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Such is life...right now

I feel extraordinaly bohemian today. It's screaming to get out. It's bubbling up from the core of my ocean underground, filling up my brain and surging at the floodwall at the back of my throat. It brings hurricane winds howling at the gate of convention necessary to my current survival. Beware my impending bohemian rhapsody.