Thursday, May 15, 2014

The sound of silence

Sometimes I fear the only thing I'm going to be known for is quoting Dorothy Parker. And not even one of her really good quotes, just some little throw away thing.

When certain people search for a certain quote, this page of mine comes up in the results. I edited it to explain the quote and the who the author was. I hope people aren't disappointed.

So I've been quiet for a while, I know. Trouble is...when writing I tend to be an all or nothing person. I find it very difficult to put down anything on the if I can't analyze and edit it to death and it's difficult to do that in the 30-45 minutes I have every morning. So I'm not really accomplishing my goal of making a habit of writing.

I have been doing other stuff though. I found a martial arts studio for my step-daughter and I to take classes. The studio space (I believe it's properly called a dojo) has a good vibe, the instructors are a former police officer and his sons who have all taught at the YMCA for years (so they know how to be patient with amateurs) and they've taught a number of womens' self-defense courses (which means they focus on confidence and self-defense first). Unfortunately her registration was more expensive, she's in a younger class and they need padding equipment. So she gets signed up this month and I get to join next month.

I went to a baseball game a couple of months back. A minor league baseball game. My step-daughter had earned a free ticket to a Kane County Cougars game. It was on a cold, drizzly Thursday night so the stadium was maybe a 1/4 full and it was not a very big stadium. So it went a lot better than I expected. And I enjoyed the game itself more than I thought I would, despite it being very slow at the beginning. Baseball is the only sport I sort of understand. Plus...there's that America's past time thing. I love that historical shit. We had to leave at 8:45 pm because we had an hour drive home and she had school the next day. It looked bleak anyway. The Cougars only had 2 points and the other team was barely ahead of that. So we leave just at the end of the seventh inning and get home to find the Cougars came from behind, scored seven runs in the eighth and won. Dangit. And we missed it.

See, this is what I'm talking about...I have to get ready for work now, I HAVE to...and I'm not even near finished with this.  I had more stuff to tell and I wanted to find a couple of pictures to illustrate stuff. God damnit.