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These are links of interest to me. You mind find something you like here too, but this page is mostly so I can clear out the 71 tabs I have open on my phone. Their still open because either I don't want to lose them or I haven't read them yet.

Hollow Body Position Importance - Antranik: Shows why the hollow body hold is important and how to do it correctly. Includes anatomical information and video.

The Genius Ab Exercise That All Gymnasts Use, but Everyone Else Ignores - Men's Health: Fitness, Jill Fanslau. Includes video demonstration.

How to Do Pushups Properly - Antranik: Includes video. This guy is super cool. I like him.

Perfect Pushup Workout -, Leigh Stewart. Exact steps, hand placement, etc. explained. Alternatives for more challenging pushups included.

Twenty of the Best Body-weight Exercises -, Susy Sedano. Slideshow with descriptions, including muscles worked for each exercise.

Build shoulder strength and stability and improve posture - I include this specific link because I've had a shoulder injury in the past, it took me out for a whole training cycle. It's good now, but twinges sometimes. Includes video for demo of exercise and recommended reps/sets. - Fitness site specific to martial arts training.

The 5-Minute Ab Workout to Strengthen Your Core - Daily Burn, Amanda Woerner. Good descriptions, includes a video.

Daily Burn Archives - Just what it says.

   Nutrition/Healthy Recipes:
Protein Intake - How Much Protein Should You Eat Per Day? Authority Nutrition: An Evidence Based Approach, Kris Gunnars, BSc. Includes description of how the body uses protein.

Spaghetti Squash Sausage Lasagne Boats - I haven't tested this recipe yet but it sure looks good. I would leave out the sausage, at least for myself.

Crispy Cajun Chicken with Parsnip Puree - A paleo recipe, so not low calorie, but I think I could adapt it. I mostly wanted the parsnip puree recipe, which will not be including the butter when I make it. Suggests serving with swiss chard, yum.

The Menstrual Cycle and Contraceptives: A Complete Guide for Athletes - Strength Theory, Greg Nuckols. Not an issue for me, but interesting to read.

Muscular System - Inner Body, Tim Taylor. Excellent MSK refresher. A clear, understandable overview. Tons of links to the specific muscles.

First Female Army Rangers Say They Thought of 'Future Generations of Women' -, Brakkton Booker. Capt. Kristen Griest, MP platoon leader, 26, and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver, 25, are the first two women to graduate the U.S, Army's elite Ranger School.

Excavation uncovers remains of high-status women at Stonehenge - New York Times, Women In the World, WITW staff credit. "The cremated remains of 14 women have been discovered at Stonehenge, challenging prevailing perceptions about the prehistoric monument. A recent excavation of “Aubrey Hole 7”—one of 56 pits dug outside of the iconic circle of stones—uncovered the bodies of nine men and 14 women, who were buried between 3100 BCE and 2140 BCE. Long bone pins, believed to be hairpins, were also unearthed during the excavation."

Archaeological link under women because this kind of find is rare, more women than men and all appear to be of high status. Challenges prevailing ideas of women's place in society the Neolithic Age.

General Garb/Sewing - Applicable to Garb of any kind. Includes fabric and notions sources and fabric care - Beautiful pure linen at reasonable prices.

Rosalie's Easy basic T-tunic tutorial - Very clear instructions for beginners. I'd like to move up to something more complicated, but it would be an option for helping a beginner friend whip something up or a tunic for growing kids, a less expensive option when they shoot up five inches and twenty pounds, as they are prone to do.

How to bind a neckline tutorial -, Rima Khusainova. Clear instructions with large step-by-step pictures. The fabric shown is linen, but the technique would apply to most fabrics I'm thinking.

How to Sew Keyhole Necklines - Link to an image with step-by-step instructions for keyhole necklines, which can be a bear to construct. Uses Heat&Bond, so it won't be period accurate on technique, but if you're just learning garb construction it will help you keep up your courage.

A short washing guide for linen - Wordpress blog In deme jare Cristi? The article is credited to Maria. Has articles for mediaval clothing construction too.

Kirtle Pattern Class Handout - My SCA Garb, Lady Asrune Russtikus-dotta. It's the ultimate kirtle pattern. It says so right on the page and I believe her.

Women's Tunic Stitching Guide - Lopu's Evil Genius Workshop Presents, theroseofthyme. Also? Links for fabric yardage, viking tunic measuring guide, and on and on...appears to be an excellent resource.

Norse Viking Age - Garb/Life/Language/History/Miscellaneous:
Garb specific to Viking Age clothing:
Viking Age Clothing: Taking measurements - Clear information on taking measurements specific to making Viking age clothing.

Viking Women: Aprondress - A long, scholarly article by Hilde Thunem. Discusses archaeological finds in-depth."This article focuses on the garment that was worn by Viking women together with the characteristic oval brooches. The garment has often been referred to as an aprondress (hängerock) by the archaeologists, but Thor Ewing points out that the term "smokkr" used in the Viking poem Rígsþula may be the contemporary name (Viking clothing p. 37)."

Refashioning Viking Age Garments - Editor Henriette Syrach Lyngstrøm, SAXO-Institute, Faculty of Humanities, Kobenhavns Universitet. The availability of this manual had several people in the Facebook Viking Clothing Group squeeing with happiness. That is a group for dead-serious historical clothing reconstructionists. They will deliver a smack down if you don't do your homework, which means if they post sources they can be trusted. This is a manual download so hopefully it will be available for a good while.

International Archaeologists Scan Valuable Findings the Archaeological Museum of Istria - Total Croatia News, Vedran Pavlic. Artefacts are 3D laser scanned to be presented to the public in place of the fragile artefacts.

The Rest:
Lindisfarne - "In 793, a Viking raid on Lindisfarne[31] [d] caused much consternation throughout the Christian west and is now often taken as the beginning of the Viking Age." - Wikipedia

Viking hoard discovery reveals little-known king 'airbrushed from history' - The Telegraph, Hannah Furness. "A hoard of Viking coins could change our understanding of English history, after showing how Alfred the Great 'airbrushed' out a rival king."

CALLING ALL VIKINGS: Volunteer Crew Needed for Transatlantic Voyage on a 115-Foot Longship - Wavetrain: News & Views, Charles Doane.

Viking Treasure Trove Unearthed from English Field -, History in the Headlines, Christopher Klein

139 Old Norse Words That Invaded the English Language -, John-Erik Jordan. "Without the Vikings, English would be missing some awesome words like berserk, ugly, muck, skull, knife, die, and cake!"

Watlington hoard of Viking silver casts light on Alfred the Great era -, Maev Kennedy. 

"The hoard, described when it arrived at the British Museum as “a greasy haggis with bits of treasure sticking out at the corners”, was buried in the late 870s, the period in which the hit television series Last Kingdom is set. It may have been the hastily concealed wealth of a Viking conscious of imminent regime change after the defeat of the invaders by Alfred the Great at the battle of Edington in 878."

Viking Nicknames -, no authors listed. "Of all the various cultures of the Middle Ages, it was probably the Norse who had the best nicknames. Ranging from the Eirik the Red to Ivar the Boneless, the Viking Age has hundreds of interesting and strange nicknames."

Flooding at the JORVIK Viking Centre - JORVIK Viking Centre website. Maintained by the York Archaeological Trust. Host of the JORVIK Viking festival for over 30 years, which is the BOMB for many Viking reenactors. 

“When we first became aware of water leaking into the attraction, we immediately transported all of the historic artefacts within JORVIK up to the first floor, and they have now been moved off-site to a safe location. However, around half of the attraction was currently submerged, with water under the raised floor upon which the remainder sits,” comments Sarah Maltby, Director of Attractions for York Archaeological Trust. “We  are devastated by the scale of the water incursion in what, until now had been a watertight basement.”
Biggest ever haul of Viking treasure found - hundreds of artefacts -, Paul Donnelley. Dates from October 2014, it's possible larges finds have been uncovered since then but this is still pretty big. There's lots of excellent pictures. I couldn't find a specific date listed, but the find includes such things as a pot from the early Carolingian period and a medieval cross. That's all it says, medieval. Scandinavian Scotland (in fact the entire Northern Isles under his control) was Christianized by strict order of Olav Tryggvasson, King of Norway, in 995. Strict order like, 'do it or imma get medival on your ass.' True story. My research was brief, don't quote me.

Viking intestinal worms provide clues to lung diseases - PastHorizons, no writer credit found. Archaeological excavations of Viking latrine pits in Denmark have revealed that these populations suffered massive worm infestations. (read article in Science Nordic). The way that their genes developed to protect their vital organs from disease caused by worms has become the inherited trait which can now lead to lung disease in smokers." Wait, what? There's a picture of some kick-ass Viking reenactors. Dig those period shields. Excuse me - skjolds.

Kinder, Gentler Vikings? Not According to Their Slaves - National Geographic, Andrew Lawler. New clues suggest slaves were vital to the Viking way of life—and argue against attempts to soften the raiders’ brutish reputation.

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA): 
Herald help:Old Norse Boys' Names and Meanings - straight up list of names and meanings.

Old Norse Girls' Names And Meanings

Rules To Period Games - SCA period (6th to 16th centuries) games. Helps round out your persona. Good times.

Calendar of Events for Midrealm: The Middle Kingdom - I keep having to jump through hoops to find it again. So here's the link, easy to find.

Heavy Weapons Fighting:
Closed Form Heater: A Voice from A.S. IV - Cariodoc's Miscellany, David Friedman and Elizabeth Cook. The basics of SCA heavy weapons fighting for new fighters. A very clear and detailed article.

Gods/Goddesses/Demigods (other than Norse):
The Furies - Erinyes - "In Greek mythology the Erinyes (/ɪˈrɪniˌiːz/; sing. Erinys /ɪˈrɪnɪs/; [1] Greek: Ἐρῑνύες [ῠ], pl. ofἘρῑνύς [ῡ], Erinys), [2][3][4][n 1] also known as Furies, were female chthonic deities of vengeance; they were sometimes referred to as "infernal goddesses" (χθόνιαι θεαί).

Archaeological/Historical Interest: 
First glimpse inside the Siberian cave that holds the key to man's origins - The Siberian Times, Anna Liesowska

Prosthetic Leg with Hoofed Foot Discovered in Ancient Chinese Tomb - Livescience, Owen Jarus

The Haunting Origins of Horse Culture - National Geographic, William Taylor.

Casting Light on the Darkening Colors in Historical Paintings -, F. Da Pieve, C. Hogan, D. Lamoen et al.

Obama, Thomas Jefferson, and the fascinatin history of Founding Fathers defending Muslim rights - The Washington Post: The Fix, Elahe Izadi - Where the Middle Ages Begin. News, Books, Articles, Features.

Henry the Eighth's Erratic behavior was caused by NFL-style injury, argue Yale reasearchers -, Olivia Goldhill. Helmets help protect against cracking your skull open. They are less effective at keeping your brain from sloshing around inside your skull, though blunting the force of the blow does help to reduce such things, it does not eliminate it. This is a concern for me because I am studying two different martial arts and have just begun to learn SCA heavy weapons fighting.

'Leg pain, not brain damage, to blame for Henry VIII's anger problems,' claims Tudor historian -, Emma Mason. An opposing theory by Tudor historian Tracy Borman. I don't know if Ms. Borman is a well-respected historian or not. My computer is being very slow today and looking her up right now is too frustrating.

Medieval Life: Archaeology and the Life Course, Roberta Gilchrist - Link to the listing for the book. I couldn't find the wishlist button on the page and I didn't want to lose the link.

The discover of a 300-year-old ship at a construction site has archaeologists ecstatic -, Patricia Sullivan. Rare well-preserved find of a large, heavy ship in Old Town Alexandria near the Potomac River.

Excavation Completed, Roman Artefacts Discovered Under Town Arsenal - Total Croatia News, Paul Bradbury. Roman artefacts find on island of Hvar, Croatia, under historic Arsenal, "one of the most iconic buildings in Dalmatia."

Pathogens found in Otzi's stomach - Past Horizons: Adventures in Archaeology. Couldn't find the author listed. Otzi is the mummified remains of a Copper Age man found in a glacier in 1991.
"Further studies will be needed to show to what extent these bacteria living inside the human body can help us understand how humans developed. The current investigations, the results of which have just been published in Science magazine, invite further research."
The Copper Age, also called the Chacolithic, is the transition period between the Neolithic Age and the Bronze Age. Exact dates of the age are nigh impossible, but the earliest found evidence of copper smelting at a high temperature is the archaeological site of Belovode on the Rudnik mountain in Serbia is securely dated from 5000 BCE. That's about 7000 years from today, give or take a few...centuries.

Bronze Age burial near Stonehenge discovered by badger - "A Bronze Age cremation burial has been discovered near Stonehenge after being accidentally dug up by a badger. Objects found in a burial mound at Netheravon, Wiltshire, include a bronze saw, an archer's wrist guard, a copper chisel and cremated human remains." I doubt the digging was accidental on the badger's part. He totally meant to dig there. He wanted those 2,000 BCE pottery shards for his collection. I'm sure he resents the humans stealing his find.

Neanderthals could have survived in Scandinavia - ScienceNordic, by Mikkel Andreas Beck. Those northern European countries get lots of cool stuff. I'd like to visit.

9,200 year old site in Sweden indicates an early date for Nordic human settlement - PastHorizons: Adventures in Archaeology, couldn't find the writer's credit. Seriously? Again with the Nordic countries?

Blast from the Past: New language system of Gandhara civilisation discovered - The Express Tribune, Hidayat Khan. The Gandhara peoples "flourished in the northern areas of Pakistan and eastern parts of Afghanistan in the early first millennium [BCE] to the 11th century [CE]..." The language was found on slabs. That's what the article says, slabs. No indication of type of material. The new-to-us language and script system named Pushkarasani. New/old languages are THE BOMB. Language is the coolest.

Biggest ever haul of Viking treasure found - hundreds of artefacts -, Paul Donnelley.

25,000 Year Old Buildings Found in Russia - Before It's News, no writer's credit found. Lots and lots of detailed pictures of buildings that appear to be carved out of sold rock. Wonder how the did that with the tools of 25,000 years ago. I have not verified this story yet.

World's Oldest Temple to Be Restored - National Geographic, Andrew Curry. "Gobekli Tepe’s circular temples have changed the way archaeologists look at the beginnings of civilization." Good pictures and a video of the proposed reconstructions. I'd like to go see it someday.

Archaeologists Find Wooden Wall, 'Four-Leaf' Amulet in Prehistoric Settlement Mound - Archaeology in Bulgaria, Ivan Dikov They found a 7,000 year old wall! Made of wood!! Trust me, this is important.

A Journey to the Oldest Cave Paintings in the World. -, Jo Marchant. "The discover in a remote part of Indonesia has scholars rethinking the origins of art--and of humanity." Thinking is FUN! Rethinking has to be even more fun. F is for friends that do things together...there's beautiful, clearly detailed pictures, lots of 'em.

List of Murderers Revealed on Cathedral Wall - Discovery News, Rossella Lorenzi. "A long list with names of Medieval killers has been uncovered by restorers working in a Russian church, shedding new light on the murder of Andrey Bogolyubsky, one of the most powerful princes of the time." Well...that's creepy. Seems a strange place to put them. Dates from 1174 CE.

A Query Into “Princely Burials”: Can the Material Culture of Grave Goods Infer Religion? - Adorans, The Agora Institute's Undergraduate Academic Journal, Jordyn Marlin. Princely meaning of elite status, not necessarily a son of a king.

A unique boat from the pyramid age discovered at Abusir - Iforum. I'm getting lazy now. I only have five left to do. Fuck descriptions.

Quantum Teleportation: World Record of 100 Kilometers -, National Institute of Standards and Technology

How We'll Live On Mars: Q&A with author Stephen Petranek -, Sarah Lewin. Discusses
Petranek's book, How We'll Live On Mars

A Manned Mission to Mars Is Closer To Reality Than Ever: NASA Chief -, Mike Wall

Private Moon Landing Set for 2017 -, Mike Wall

Home On the Moon: How to Build a Lunar Colony (Infographic) -, Karl Tate

Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists - Mother Nature Network. Bryan Nelson

Astronomy Archaeology - finding 120-year-old observations - University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I can't find the name of the author to credit. A find of glass photographs of astronomical observations. Requires acceptance of cookies from the UofC website. Those fiends. I tell ya, those northern countries over there got lots of good stuff.

A 1,000-Year-Old Antimicrobial Remedy with Antistaphylococcal Activity - mBio,

  • Stephen P. Diggle

  • "Plant-derived compounds and other natural substances are a rich potential source of compounds that kill or attenuate pathogens that are resistant to current antibiotics. Medieval societies used a range of these natural substances to treat conditions clearly recognizable to the modern eye as microbial infections, and there has been much debate over the likely efficacy of these treatments." Hm, you mean those long ago people might have actually known a few things? How nice of modern science to have the humility to admit this.

    Ninety-five thousand year old Tree Found in Sweden is the World's Oldest Tree -, Dainius. That is a really old tree. A Norwegian Spruce carbon-14 tested by Professor Leif Kullman, Professor of Physical Geography at Umea University. I have not cross-checked this story yet.


    The Northern Sky: Images and articles that help with my research and inspiration.

    Aurora Australis: Photographer Captures amazing natural light show over Victoria - ABC: News, Caitlin Gordon. I can't get the URL on my phone to work on the computer, but I may be able to find it later somewhere else. Also, this news agencies emblem looks like the one I designed for The Northern Sky (that's the book I'm writing) turned on it's side.

    Seawater Bioluminescence and Milky Way Glow - Earth Science Picture of the Day, photographer Laurent Lavender.

    Research for other books:

    The horse that can endure Siberian winters. -, Jane Palmer. For the Queen Hector story, as a child she has a very important pony, brought from across the Western Sea. Might base the pony on this horse, given it's endurance. Need evidence that such a horse could possibly exist.

    The Haunting Origins of Horse Culture - National Geographic, William Taylor.

    Shadowhawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlight Technology - Assistive Tech, no writer credit found. Hm, not sure how much I trust a most-likely shill review for these 'wave of the future techno flashlights' but it's an interesting idea for weaving into one of my sci-fi books. Maybe even several.

    Sun gun, also called heliobeam: theoretical orbital weapon  - I've done no further research as yet. Interesting for possible sci-fi use.

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