Friday, November 20, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE for November 20: High voltage

I was all set to be annoyed with my next prompt from 500 Writing Prompts -- I'm trying to discipline myself into writing even when I don't feel like writing because I'll never get anything done if I only write when I feel balanced. Maybe some people can be productive when they create only when they feel balanced, but not me. So I need to push myself to write everyday and write about things I don't like because if I get into a tricky situation in a book, a dead end, a plot hole, what have you...and I stop...I tend to let it lie for days and weeks and sometimes never take it up again.


But then...I remembered!!! It's Friday! TGIF, the Friday Five to the rescue! 


"This week’s questions are lyrics from AC/DC songs. AC/DC put out a new album last week and I’m rather fond of it." [That is the list creator's opinion, I have not heard AC/DC's new album and probably won't. It's probably awesome, because AC/DC but I probably won't because me.]

1. Are you ready for a good time?

Oh, hell yeah! We're gonna watch Meatballs? I have seen that in ages! That's the first thing I thought of with that line, a line from a completely different song. The end credits song from Meatballs, the 1979 camp classic with Bill Murray and if you haven't seen this movie I pity your sad life. Wait...have I shown this to my kids? I don't remember! I have neglected my duties as a mother! MUST DO ASAP!

Meatballs - that's a mood.
Credit: movie -- Paramount Pictures
poster artist -- Morgan Kane

2. What do you do for money, honey? parasitically off my husband. Seriously, I feel like a parasite and the only real job I'm good for is writing (I have worked most of my life but as I get older and my bipolar disorder starts to cause more complications it's more and more difficult to work outside the home) but I haven't sold any of my writing because I can't even finish ONE story and ...I have issues as you can see. I'm working on it.

3. Who’s your friend and who’s your foe?

Um...I don't really have any foes. Well, I'm my own worst enemy. Addictive behaviors and lack of discipline are my foes. There.

And my friends? Well, what even is that line? Who's your friend? Is that like "Who loves you, baby?" That's a better line, in my opinion.

Oh, Detective Lieutenant Theo Kojak, I love you.
Kojak- 1973 to 1978, Universal Television Productions

4. What do you do that’s guaranteed?

Do you mean a thing that CAN literally be guaranteed or what do I do that I say is guaranteed, but actually that's not possible because that's my opinion. 

Nothing, nothing, nothing in the world is guaranteed except death. So it's guaranteed I'll die someday but if I have my way it won't be for a few hundred years because there's just too many interesting things to do for an average life span.

5.Do you wanna journey?

Yes. The answer is yes. Because see above...I'm not missing out on the banquet of life and there's a whole big, fascinating world to feast on. I want to go so many places. I can't even list all the places. Maybe I should try that as a break from my writing prompt book, like on Tuesdays write about places I want to go...not just vague places like Japan, find out specific places with history and art that's off the beaten path. Yeah...maybe, maybe...

Like, did you ever think about the ENDS of the Great Wall of China? Oh, sure there's lots of pictures of the wall climbing and winding over hills and valleys...but it has two ends. Well, one start and one end, I suppose. 

Image credit: fuzheado/Flickr

"Jiayuguan Pass-- First and Greatest Pass under Heaven

The pass is a trapezoidal city wall 11 meters high and 733m around, covering an area over 33,500 square meters. There are 3 defensive lines: the inner city, the outer city and a moat. It is the most complete existing ancient military architecture among all of the passes of the Great Wall, which is also famous as the “First and Greatest Pass under Heaven
In addition of the most amazing defensive system used for prevent invaders at the border in ancient dynasties, the Pass is also an indispensable station on the way of the ancient silk road. The pass was the starting place for exile for the prisoners or ex-officials. 

And that's my Friday Five. None of them had anything to do with AC/DC, because if it's not Back in Black or You Shook Me All Night Long, I probably won't know what you're talking about.

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  1. Ah, Meatballs. I submit that Mount Rushmore of Bill Murray films is Groundhog Day, Lost in Translation, Ghostbusters, and Meatballs. I'm so old I saw it in a theater. A drive-in theater. A childless couple who were great friends with my folks were seeing it at the drive-in near our house, so they offered to take my sister and me with them. "Some screwball comedy about a summer camp," the Mr. said to my dad, who was super strict about letting us see R-rated movies. Well, Meatballs was PG, but it was the second half of a double feature, and the first half was Up in Smoke! Boy did I feel naughty. I can still sing the Northstar CITs song.

    Thanks for participating in this week's Friday 5, and hang in there. This writing thing, it's a monster for us all.