Sunday, December 1, 2013

I didn't really fall back a step so much as just sort of stayed where I was at the moment.

Well, I didn't call the number today.

If you are just tuning out, that statement makes no sense. Sorry. Let me back-track.

As part of the process for getting my bipolar self out of the house on a more regular basis and finding more friends in the immediate living area (more than just my one friend I know from massage school and the people who are my husband's friends I mean) I am going to join a book discussion club.

There are several options, but the most one most likely to work at getting me to leave the house is the science fiction book club.

The library website asked please call the discussion group leader before you attend. So they can sound you out I guess and make sure you're not a complete freak. I mean...if you're joining a science fiction book club, you're already a bit of a freak. That's why it's fun.

And I was going to call today. But I couldn't do it. I said it over and over again that I needed to do it. But I didn't, even though I had plenty of time.

This phone/social phobia really sucks. Calling from my cell phone while I was at work just paralyzed me. Even though I had plenty of time, my schedule was very slow today.

I need to call tomorrow. I need to. Because I really do want to go and the meeting is on Tuesday. Like, the day after tomorrow Tuesday.

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