Monday, December 23, 2013

Good vs. Evil

Supernatural and suspense television series I have loved! I was going to make this just two blog posts, one for the short-lived series (one or two seasons, or a third incomplete season) and one for the longer running seasons (three or more complete seasons).

This is not from the show. It is, however, hilarious.
Interesting how Jesus hasn't won yet, hm?
That immediately became overwhelming. Like, before I even opened Word to get started. So I’ll start with one and we’ll so how it goes, maybe more later. I’ll begin with the show Good vs. Evil, the one that started me thinking about this. I don’t know why I thought about this show this morning, one of those thoughts that come out of nowhere. “Hm, I wish that show hadn’t been cancelled. I really liked it. How long ago was that?” And then another show and another…like that.
Upon searching for pictures and links for this first show I found another blogger who’d had the same idea, only he remembered far more shows than I did.  Thank you, Diacanu of Shmegalamonga. He includes superhero shows too and included shows whether he likes them or not. I’m only doing my own favorites. He didn’t appear to like G vs E, but he had a good picture and that’s what I needed.
Also, his writing is more entertaining than mine. Check him out!
G vs E (original title, later titled Good vs Evil)

I prefer to quote the opening narration for description, rather than use the IMDB or Wikipedia synopses. Or write my own synopsis, as my memory on the show is patchy. In fact, the one episode I thought I remembered was actually from a similar show on a different network, Brimstone.
Mostly I just remember I liked it and was disappointed when it was cancelled. And so…
“(Deacon Jones): A man torn from his family, murdered in his prime, only to return to Earth, resurrected as an agent of the Almighty Corps. With no magic, no special powers, forbidden from intimate contact, unrecognizable to those from their past lives, Chandler Smythe and Henry McNeil now fight to save lost souls against the minions of darkness. It is a battle of Good versus Evil. G vs E, that's what it is!”-copied and pasted from the IMDB page for G vs E.
Many of the episodes titles have the word “evil” in them. I really like the minor character of Ford Plasko, Chandler and Henry’s supervisor. Ford was played by Marshall Bell, a most excellent character actor.
It ran for two seasons, 1999 on the USA Network and 2000 on the Sci Fi Channel (now the SyFy Channel…because…what, they wanted to appeal to 13 year old girls? Who knows.)
Its genre is sometimes listed as sci fi, action, comedy, drama (really?)…I consider it firmly in the supernatural and suspense genre. Because I say so. It’s has dark comedy, there was some action and maybe some comedic drama…really I don’t think sci fi truly fits.
It was…a sort of extremely tame precursor to Supernatural. And if you haven’t heard of Supernatural, I must ask if you’ve been living under a rock.
Now get out there and kick evil’s ass!


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