Saturday, February 8, 2014

I fear my reach doth exceed my grasp.

Sunday - Gods and religions from around the world. Pagan gods and religions of old and monotheistic gods and religions too. An exploration of fait...h. How the human mind works to create something larger than itself, to explain the trials and joys of the human experience.

Monday - Manic Music Monday! Mostly songs that make me happy and want to dance, but will include any song that resonates with me. To include release date, artist when I first heard it and original release and artist if it's a cover of an older song, how old I was at the time it was released, why I liked it then and if it still means the same to me now. Some songs I liked in the past I can't stand to listen to now, they remind me of harder times and emotions. This will cover many genres of music. There was a short period of anger in my life when I listened to a lot of rap music.

Tuesday - The wonders and terrors of nature. May include the beautiful as well as the destructive. I've always had a fascination with natural disasters, reminders of that we are not truly in control of our earthly home. Volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, hurricanes, tornadoes, and especially blizzards. But there will be beautiful and awe inspiring things too!

Wednesday - Science! Covering anything and everything that strikes my fancy, the science of the human mind and body in all aspects, earth science, all that technology and physics stuff that fascinates me but I don't understand.

Thursday - History! From the beginnings of human existence to what happened last week. The good and the bad, progressive and destructive, what worked and what didn't. Civilizations that died out, civilizations that still exist and even thrive today. MIGHT include political science but I'd have to get my sons to help me with that. That is something I really don't understand and kind of don't want to but it's still important.

Friday - Movies! Movies from around the world, big budget and independent. If I could afford it I'd see a movie every Friday. Movies, movies, movies, I love the theater experience, but will include any movie I've seen, liked, disliked, thought I wouldn't like but did, thought I'd love but didn't (Alexander the Great, released in 2004. Gad. The awful awfulness.). Release date, actors, directors if they're ones I like in particular (I LIKE M. Night Shyamalan. You don't? Bite me.), if it's a remake, is it a better remake. Like that.

Saturday - Books, books, and more books. Any genre. Title, subject, date of publication, author, why I liked it, why I didn't. Did it make me think? Did I like it more or less over time? Did it make me want to throw it across the room in complete disgust? Did I read more of that author?

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