Monday, April 7, 2014

Day Two - Purging a Facebook addiction

So. This past Saturday I deactivated my Facebook account. Not deleted, just deactivated. Like...taking a sabbatical. From social media. I don't want to delete my account because my friends and family are spread out all over the United States. Many of them I haven't seen physically in years (and some I haven't met yet!) but Facebook lets me know about their lives. So I'm not giving it up. BUT...

I was spending far more time on Facebook than is healthy. And what was I NOT doing? Writing.

I knew it would be difficult to quit, but I hadn't realized how much time I spend on there until after I made deactivation. Sunday I had to work. I was booked solid so after six and a half hours of massage and an hour drive plus a half hour detour to pick up my step-daughter and stop at the grocery I was exhausted. I didn't even go on the computer.

 But today.... Monday is my rest day. Sundays at worked are always busy so I try to keep Mondays totally free if possible, so I don't have to go anywhere. Do have any idea how many times I wanted to share the inanest of thoughts on Facebook? How much I wanted to run to the status window with every frustration? Jeez. I couldn't sit at the computer long without wanting to log in. Blech.

I blocked Facebook in my browser too, along with Slate, because it was another huge time waster for me. And I uninstalled Lord of the Rings Online from my computer. Because I can play that damn thing for an entire day and not even realize it.

I want to get back to writing and forcing myself away from time wasting. If I can get myself writing on a regular basis maybe in six months or so I can attempt to check in again.

This entry was a lot more boring than I'd hoped. See? I can't even write an interesting blog entry anymore. Well, just keep bashing away, genius will return. Return, damn you!

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