Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is this like quitting cigarettes? Two weeks to purge the nicotine (facebookotine?) out of your system?

On Saturday, April 5, 2014 I took a sabbatical from social media and temporarily deactivated my Facebook account.

Wow, I am so addicted. Seriously. So very addicted. Today is the eleventh day off Facebook and I still really, really, really want to post things. And have I done the writing I wanted to do, which was the impetus for getting off Facebook? Not yet. I have done ONE exercise from a book titled What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers. I've made two blog posts and this will be the third. I should be doing better than this.

I'm having difficulty figuring out how to block web pages from my browsers. I want to block my other time wasting sites: Slate, Brainbashers Daily Nonogrids, and Goobix Nonograms. I thought I had it figured out but I have still have access to the sites. Must work on that.

Tried to find the science fiction book club at the library...looks like they aren't meeting right now. The last meeting was in January. This winter was bitterly cold so if they suspended the meetings until spring I wouldn't be surprised, but I thought they would've started back up by now. I really need something to get me out of the house.

I'm looking into the SCA group in the next town. I'll be attending an event in Bloomington on the 26th. I'm nervous and scared and excited all at the same time. I think this will be a very good experience for me, the one friend I had in this area has moved to Minnesota, so I'm kind of lonely. I guess I'm just not a small town type of person. I don't know where to go to make friends. Also? I'm not good at making friends, being painfully, horribly, cripplingly shy.

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