Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rockets and baby steps. We haz them.

Found upon Googling "old car on rocket fuel".
Thank you Hemmings Daily.
Castagna-bodied 1913 A.L.F.A. Aerodinamica
After a rough bit of a start this morning...sort of like a spluttering, coughing old car...I finally got moving on notes for my book ideas, a list of all the book ideas and as much notes as I could remember.

I was rocketing along, ROCKETING I tell you, a good fifty minutes! And then I had to get ready for work. I wanted to scream. I sincerely felt like crying and fully and completely resented the fact that I had to put and clothes and NOT WRITE FOR HOURS AND HOURS. I only had ten minutes to get ready for work. I decided last second to take my laptop with me.

"Yeah, but you know if you take it you probably won't have any time to work. You'll be fully scheduled."

It's a bit of a bother to disentangle the laptop from my desk and pack it up.  Then I'd have to reconnect everything when I got home. Really only a few extra minutes though. Stop whining! You're doing so well right now and you need to make these notes. You know you're brain keeps losing things! Look what happened when you had figured out how to close that plot hole in the space station story. It was a really annoying, glaring plot hole that sort of made the whole story contrived, a hole about the artifact and why it was where it was and how it affected everyone.

 And when I figured out the brilliant solution I didn't write it down because I thought surely something THIS big I'll remember! And yet...I didn't. I'm certain since I worked it out once I can do it again. But if I'd written it down that would save time of me having to, since I'm getting such a late start at this book thing.

I did it, disentangled and disconnected everything and luckily my computer bag was right there and I even remembered my mouse, without that I'm screwed because I turned off the internal touch pad because reasons too long to go into.

I did all this quickly, almost the second I rejected the first objection, before my brain really had time to tell my body NOT to do it. I mean, really, is it that hard? It ain't rocket science. It ain't even regular science. It's unplugging some stuff and stuffing that stuff into a bag and remembering to take the bag and using the stuff once you get there.

Pictured: The thing that it was not, fifties style.
Remington Rand Computer, San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive:
My laptop came to work with me and lo and behold, the muses, or gods, or spirits, or luck or something hath smiled uponst me. My schedule, 9 AM to 2 PM is so far completely empty. Not so great for my pocketbook, but it means after splurging on a triple espresso with two pumps of toffee nut syrup and a pumpkin scone (I'm eating it in very small bites, dear god the sugar in these things, I'm not used to it anymore) from SBux I got all set up and now am rocketing along on this blog entry. The list is open in my Word program, ready to get back to, but I need to keep up my blog. Also there's some notes in some of the early entries, basic stuff but must keep everything in one place. I haven't been and that's hampering progress.

The Bay Psalm Book, 1640: first book (believed to be) written
and published in what is now the United States.
In November 2013 it sold for $14,165,000.
I want to try to keep up my daily blog entries too. Trumpeting my steps to author-hood to the world, even if the world isn't paying attention, is healthy, healing progress for my self-worth and self-esteem. Keeping up my blog helps me take baby steps into the idea of self-promotion, which will be necessary for selling the first book. I doubt I'll get fourteen million dollars for it.

In fact, I don't want even a million. Too much money is too much hassle. Enough to be fairly comfortable and not have to work if I want while I write the next book and save some for retirement. Which if I'm writing for a living I'm not going to be doing, retiring that is.

 Really, just enough to be comfortable and write as a lifetime vocation. Bliss.

Also, sharing silliness and random stuff is fun. Someone, somewhere may stumble across it and have a laugh for the day. That's a good thing.

Just have to remember not to get too sucked in to my work. I have to glance up at the schedule monitor every fifteen minutes to make sure I don't have a last minute session. I am supposed to be earning money and helping people while I'm at work.

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