Sunday, October 16, 2016

Drops of Silver

I have figured out how to set up the perfect set of nested playlists on this randomly acquired, totally free, second hand iPod. I am a fucking genius. At least I think I have figured out the playlist setting up of.  I haven't transferred the music to the iPod yet so I can test it.

I only figured out with much frustration after several hours how to delete the music from the previous owner. I'm still getting all the importing the music from the stack of CDs I have, which were also randomly acquired second hand and free. Cheap at twice the price.

First, there is the master "Massage Music" playlist. Which you can put on shuffle and get all the different styles of relaxing music. Then from that playlist there will be the option to choose differently sub-genres such as classical, nature sounds, Native American, Enya, guitar, piano, and so on. Each of those can be put on shuffle. And lastly there is the option from each playlist to put a specific album on shuffle.
Image result for ipod 4gb
I rule. Though I have no Nelly Furtado music.
That makes me sad. But not too sad. Just a bit sad.

HOLY BALLS! This iPod nano is still going for forty bucks on Amazon. And that's the cheapest price! I'm glad I didn't know that before now or I might have sold it and not had a nifty little 4GB music maker for my massage music at my awesome new job. Though I doubt I could really get $40 for it, it's all scratched up. 

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