Wednesday, January 4, 2017 about a tattoo of phoenix rising on my back?

I wonder if I put a perplexing poetical quote at the top of every blog entry would I get even more traffic? Maybe if I lay out enough bait I'll get a few people who are interested and stick around to read more...on a daily basis.

I'll have to think about that. Which ones can I use? Emily Dickinson must have a few. Maybe do regular quotes too, but always have an explanation. The deeper meaning of the quote. I'd have to keep it short. That's a trial for me, but something I need to learn.

Well, I have bath salts to make now. With these simple tools shall I build my fortune!

Like Da Vinci. Like Tesla.
Excepted I started later than them.
God damn it.
I need sample bottles for oils. I need to write the re-imagined Wizard of Oz, first of all she can't live in a flat wasteland of nothing. But there needs to be a fair amount of flatness. I should visit Kansas again to find out where the flats meet the hills. I need to buy the original series. I bought the paperback today, but I read the original when I was a child and I thought the book was bigger. Longer.

I need to do so many things, so many things.

I need a lab.

I need a workshop.

I need my brain to just stop, just slow down dear god, please. I don't have enough time to do even ONE of my ideas, let alone all of them and I want to do ALL of the them. I need at least two more lifetimes. More, because there's always going to be another interesting thing to do.

I need to be a phoenix.

I need to be a Time Lord.

I need those damn dragon balls.

I need immortality.

I cannot stop for anything. I just have too much to do.

Upon searching, so many of the images just didn't seem to portray the true agony of transformation.
 Also? Why do the flames have to be orange? The don't.
And there's another fucking idea. Phoenix in agony and try different coloured flames. 

So, about that phoenix rising tattoo. Actually I'd rather have it across my chest, but I don't think there's enough room for the full impact of idea. So I'd have to go with my back.

And when am I going to have the time and money to get a tattoo?

Enough for today. I have things to do.

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