Saturday, November 5, 2016

Future Tense

It wasn't a "one morning" thing. It was a slow realization.
Word Porn needs to get out of my fucking head. Seriously. Yes, my life has changed. I changed it myself, though I didn't even know I was doing it. By making changes that I knew I really wanted, by taking on things that scared me (which really, does it even count when FUCKING EVERYTHING scares me?) but I really wanted -- I created some sort of fundamental shift in my core. Or maybe it was there the whole time, this person, this being, this life but the path just needed to be exposed.

I had a dream once, a long time ago, where I met a version of my future self and cried with happiness because I thought I'd never find her, or never her see her again, I can't remember what I said exactly in the dream. This was a very long time ago. At least twenty-years. But I think I've found her, my future self. 

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