Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Writing about future writing, in which I am overly-wordy and write long, complicated sentences. As per my idiom.

It's Tuesday. If I don’t have a random or chosen topic or meme I want to explore, I’ll do a book review.  I haven’t done proper book reviews in a loooong time. Not since high school.
I graduated high school in June 1989. No public internet back then (it wasn’t long after though, August 6, 1991). Not everyone had cable, we lived far enough out in the country the cable companies didn’t want to come out there. Satellite dishes (August 27, 1989) were for well-to-do folks and those suckers were serious eyesores and screamed, "I can afford thousands of dollars to watch HBO, please come steal the many expensive things in my house!"

Hey. More stuff happened in 1989 than just Taylor Swift being born. I promise that link does not go to any page about Taylor Swift.

1989 - The year the Berlin Wall came down. I watched it on television.
It still makes me cry. The happy crying you do when you are moved beyond words. Well, I do it, anyway.
"BrandenburgerTorDezember1989" by SSGT F. Lee Corkran - DoD photo, USA.
Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
Ah, a trip down memory lane. Meh. I did not enjoy high-school or being a teen-ager. Not much at all did I enjoy it. There were some good bits--in my personal life, I mean, but they tend to be over-shadowed by the painful bits and thinking of one leads immediately to the other, so I try not to do that. But I'm sure you want to know lots of stuff about me, given that I'm interesting and I know it, so there's a bit of stuff about me. Ask me some questions if you want to know more. I won't promise to answer them, but you can try asking. I might make up a more if I don't care to give you the true answer, if it's more painful or more private than I'd like to relate, I'll make something interesting up. Because that's how I roll. But I'll tell you I made up, cross-my-heart promise.

So where's the book review? Yeah, I spent so much time making the template in Word (to use for later reviews) and writing this intro, I know don't have time to actually type up the review. If I don't have any massage clients on Friday maybe I will type it up then and save it for next Tuesday. Or not be pedantic about Tuesday being book review day and just post it. La, la, la, whatever.(Thank you, Hot Chelle Rae. I'm not your target audience but that song is so. much. fun.)

Magical, magical books. What? Your books don't make sparkles and smoke?
All mine do. Get better books.
Can't find the creator of this image to credit it. 
I borrowed the template from Lesley Ann McDaniel on Goodread.com. Properly credited, of course. I might tweak it for my needs, but I'll try to remember to use some sort of altered format to show my changes.

Now, I have to get ready for weekly lunch and driving practice with my son, Dexter. (Psst...that's not his real name.) And...find pictures first. And...ruthlessly edit until I'm satisfied with this entry. Shut up.

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