Thursday, January 21, 2016

Breaking up the block, did I bring my sledgehammer?

Here I am at Starbucks. Took forever to just get out of the damn house.

Got here and had to get set up. My computer takes forever to start up from being shut off. I went to the bathroom before I set up. Twenty minutes later I finally get started on this entry to warm up before the story writing...and I think I have to go to the bathroom again.

Self: think? You're not sure? How can you not be sure whether or not you have to go to the bathroom. WTF?
Myself: Shut the fuck up.

I shouldn't have worn my jeans. That doesn't help. Squishes my bladder.

Also the ten ounces of coffee I managed to drink while waiting for my computer to decide it was ready to type things made it's way through rather quickly.

Christ. Do NOT search for "need to go to the bathroom" images when you're at the Starbucks. I just wanted a squirmy stick figure! Rule 34 strikes again.

The following cartoon is the artistic property of xkcd. It's not about needing to pee. But it does have stick figures.

Rule 34
Intellectual property of xkcd. You should buy one of their books. What if? is a good one, a dear friend gifted it to me.
Now. Crossing my fingers and my toes that this change of venue will work. But first, damn it, I really do have to pee. 

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