Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So far, so meh.

The lack of story writing continues. I do have the damn thing open in my Word program right now. It just sits there. Mocking me.

I'm going to explore some of the many tabs I have open on my phone in Chrome.

The Cairo Post: Earliest case of scurvy found in 5800 yr old child skeleton in Egypt

"Excavation work at archaeological site in Egypt’s Aswan have revealed a 5,800 year-old skeletal remains of a one-year-old child strongly believed to  be the world’s earliest case of scurvy..."
 "....The new discovery suggests the diet of people living at the time was poor, despite living in an area that was at the centre of the agricultural revolution, according to the statement." --The Cairo Post, January 23, 2016

What is scurvy, you ask? Or maybe you don't because you know all about scurvy. I don't know you. You could be a scurvy expert. Like...a doctor, specializing in scurvy.

Ohmigod, the Google images for scurvy were so stomach-turning. Just the teeth pictures were bad enough and then there's the anemia and edema. I can't use one of those, here's some kittens instead.

Half guard is the perfect position for the upper
combatant to move into a leg bar submission hold.
The lower combatant may also do an escape into the
backpack hold and apply the rear naked choke.
That's my favorite.
But most people, I would venture to say, only know that scurvy is something sailors get. Or they used to get. Or maybe some still do, I don't know any sailors. Well, I know two people who used to be seamen but they were in the U.S. Navy and I don't think scurvy was a concern.

What precisely is scurvy? I don't know. Let's find out! When sailors have been at sea too long and aren't consuming enough ascorbic acid, commonly known as vitamin C they can develop scurvy. Well, anybody who isn't consuming enough of can get it, but it was very common in the sailors of the 16th to 18th century, because they neglected to stroll on down to the Walgreens and stock up on EmergenC. Perhaps time was a factor, I don't know. My favorite flavor is Acai Berry!

Here we go: Scurvy is caused by insufficient intake of vitamin C. This vitamin is found in found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and a few animal sources, although the plant sources are more easily digestible. We are probably most familiar with the vitamin C in citrus fruits but there is a wide variety of plant sources.

What does vitamin C do inside our bodies? Boosting the immune system is the effect most people are familiar with. There is a high concentration of vitamin C in immune cells. Immune cells are quickly consumed during infections, that's why people are encouraged to increase their intake when they have a cold or the flu.

The blog entry was brought to you by the letter P
 and my need to do some sort of writing today so
I'm not a complete writing slacker.
Vitamin C plays a role in other processes too, like the production of collagen (keeping the skin nice and firm from the inside!) and iron absorption.

I didn't know absorption was spelled with a "p".

In closing, scurvy is gross, eat your fruits and vegetables, practice your leg bar hold, and don't become a sailor in the 16th century. That's just a bad idea.

That's all the tabs we have time for today because I just realized it's almost four p.m. and I don't have dinner planned.

Aargh! Got any rose hips, matey?
Me teeth are comin' loose and I got the trots somethin' fierce!

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