Saturday, August 2, 2014

Belated Friday Five - Octopi

I haven't done a Friday Five in a long time. It's an ocean related theme, and my Fanglyfish delights at that, so let's go!

What’s something you own at least eight of?
Hm...I was just thinking that this question seemed a little silly and easy because everyone owns multiples of things. Books, CDs, DVDs, shoes, panties, purses... But then I thought, do I own (at least) eight of anything that are exactly the same? And the answer is still yes. Paperclips, hairpins, rolls of toilet paper... Maybe I don't understand the question correctly. This seems to easy.  

This! Why do I not own eight of THIS!!! In multiple metals and gemstones?

How particular are you about the ink in the pens you write with?
Not much I guess. At work (I'm a massage therapist) we have to do our SOAP notes in black ink so now I when I'm writing with blue ink I notice right away. I don't like using different colored inks as much as I used to, unless I'm doing a specific editing project. But it doesn't bother me so much that if I could only find a purple or green ink pen I'd stop writing. It would bug me...but only enough to look for a different one. If I couldn't find one I'd keep writing anyway.

This guy came up when I Googled "octopus writing" images.
 I think he looks intense, but maybe he's just bored.
The MFA Octopus: Four Questions About Writing by Mark McGurl
Picture credit: Los Angeles Review of Books

What’s something interesting you know about octopi?
Their skin contains chromatophores! And that is just such an awesome word to say. It's how they change color and blend in with their surroundings. If you don't care to click the link here's a quote from the article, "These pigmented cells contain three sacs of color each, and tens of thousands of them cover the octopus's skin. Each chromatophore is surrounded by muscles that change how the pigment is displayed by relaxing or contracting."

Captain Jones doesn't care to employ his chromatophores.
He wants you to know he's coming.
Picture: Walt Disney

What seems to have a suction-cup-like grip on your attention lately?
That sounds kind of kinky. I don’t know if I can answer that in a semi-public forum. Sometimes people I know in real life read this.  I can’t have them thinking I’m some sort of WEIRDO.

I'm suctioned and I know it.
Picture credit:

These questions were inspired by a song in which one of the repeated lyrics is often playfully mis-sung as “How am I gonna be an octopus about this?” That was going to be my question #5 this week, but then I thought nobody would ever come back after a thing like that.
Hm. You may be right. I may be crazy.

This disturbing looking procedure is called cupping.
Photo: Yue Wu, The Chronicle

 Ye gods, how big was this chicken?
Photo: Dian Thomas
So your real question is: When you travel, whether it’s to a completely different culture or just to a neighboring state, how adventurous is your approach to the cuisine?
Grilled squid? Yes, please.
Photo: Dian Thomas

Not terribly adventurous I guess. I like to try different cuisines but I have my limits. And if you’re asking if I’d eat octopus I’d tell you I already have.  I’d try snake or alligator if it was offered. But I don’t want to eat bugs or brains or large portions of innards or eyeballs. Plus, there’s sanitation to think about. And I have some food sensitivities that like to show up at very inopportune times. If I saved for a long time for a trip (especially to a foreign country) and spent three quarters of my time and lots more money puking into a bucket in a hospital (possibly one wherein no one speaks my language) because some asshole traveling companion ragged me about not being adventurous about food and I gave in? I think I’d be pretty pissed at myself.


  I'm old enough to remember when Wacky Wall Walkers first came out. 

Also, I used to watch Iron Chef (the original, thank you) on Food Network and on the episode when the secret ingredient was octopus one of the doomed cephalopods climbed out of the tank and went crawling across the floor as Chairman Kaga was talking. I can't find a picture of that, so here's Chairman Takeshi Kaga biting the magical pepper that makes the sous-chefs appear.

He's a wizard.
I wish sous chefs would appear when I bit into vegetables.
Photo: Fuji Television


  1. Awesome. How do you pick your topics. It seemed random yet you brought it together in an entertaining way. Love the images you find & your captioned comments. I have trouble successfully finding images & bringing them into my text. I'll have to ask for your assistance someday.

  2. Thank you, but I don't come up with the topics and questions. Just my own answers. There's a blog called The Friday Five that does it. The link is up at the top of this entry where it says Friday Five.

    I always have long answers and I don't like just typing a wall of text so I just Google images, something vaguely related to the particular question for this type of thing, and pick the one that inspires me to say something off the wall or just something I find interesting.