Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Boring post about moving and apartment cleaning.

Okay! Apartment cleaning update, 'cause I know ya'll are following along with my saga. I'm posting it so I can remember how much trouble it was cleaning up an apartment after living there eight years with two cats and two male children who went from grade school to adulthood.

Both bedrooms completely cleaned out, with ceiling, walls and carpets vacuumed. Ditto for living room. Trash was picked up today and four more bags of trash went out to the cans. No more recycling left.

Found the cat pee smell in the living room MIGHT have only been coming from the black bookshelf that was the only piece of furniture left in the room. The boys had said they wanted it but then decided no, so I broke it down and as I was pulling the nails out of the cardboard backing I smelled the pee stink. After I moved all the bookshelf bits to the landing so I could vacuum the pee smell seemed to be gone in the living room. We'll see tomorrow.

Still left is cleaning the oven (damn, I had wanted to skip that but it's listed in my rental agreement) and the compartment under the cooktop. Vacuum, sweep, scrub the kitchen floor and take down the old curtains. Clean the bathroom and sweep and  vacuum landing and the stairs down to the outside door.

Call the landlady and set up an exit walk-through. Next Monday the last of the trash goes out.  Seven more days.


  1. So, a couple of years ago, I could tell that one of the cats had been peeing on the landing. We cleaned it, we sprayed it and it just was not going away. We ended up ripping up the carpet. And I could STILL tell it was there. Well, it turns out that Butterscotch had been spraying "Fred", the skeleton that hung in our entry way. In spraying this, she would it a spot on the ankle joint that was open. This open area collect the cat pee. OMG!!! IT WAS GROSS! I threw the foot away. Fred wasn't using it anyway.

  2. Okay, was it on of those life-sized rubber skeletons they use in anatomy classes? Because that would be the coolest thing I have heard this week. I covet one of those. But those are flipping expensive, so I'm guessing it was a regular ol' Halloweeny skeleton. The fact that it was just hanging out in your entry? Love that.