Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Did you ever...

Did you ever try to take one established household and cram it into another established household? It is more frustrating than you might think. Unless you were thinking it's tear your hair out, "WHY did I think it was a good idea to quit smoking THIS month" frustrating. Then you are correct.

We have a metric shit-ton of surplus stuff.  If your wondering how a metric shit-down converts to pounds, it is precisely however many pounds of surplus stuff we have. Lots and lots of kitchen items, furniture, records...actual vinyl records and also paper records of things you're supposed to keep, paycheck stubs and such. Toys such as Bionicles and myriad action figures from a plethora of movies and cartoons.  Pictures, both framed and in film envelopes and loose.  I have an entire dresser drawer, a fairly deep one, full to the top with photographs plus more in an under bed box. Dating back to the 1980's some of them. Many things to be sold at a yard sale, priced to move.

"How much is this jumbo Pyrex baking dish?"

"A dollar."

"These action figures?"

"Five for a dollar."

"This two-shelf bookshelf?"

"Ah, that's a good solid wood bookshelf. Very sturdy and in excellent condition. That is two dollars."

Bah. Must get ready for work now. Yet another trip to the apartment afterwards. Fourteen more days, fourteen more days, fourteen more days. When this is over I am getting a damn 90 minute massage.

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