Saturday, July 27, 2013

Neither here nor there and yet everywhere.

Last night I dreamed a stranger (a person unknown to me in real life) read my blog and liked it and put me on his list of blogs to read. It’s called “following” on Blogger for any friends and family possibly reading this, so if I say I have a new stranger following me it doesn’t mean I’m being stalked, just expanding my sphere of influence. Insert evil laugh here!

But alas, c’est pas vrai. It is not so. Not today at least.
I am not feeling the flow today, the mental flow. Perhaps because I am feeling the physical flow instead. Making lots of spelling and grammar errors. Unintentional ones, not my regular ol’ pinball brain slang. Meh. Having a hard time concentrating on spoken words too. TheMan is telling me more about Jim Croce and as I only know his two most popular songs I’m trying to listen because I really do want to know. I find myself having to pay attention to individual words and repeat the sentences in my head. I’ll probably have to do that at work too. I know I frown in concentration when I do this; I’ll have to try hard not to. Don’t want clients thinking I’m not happy to be there.
I met the most interesting client yesterday. I wish I could describe this person, but my code of ethics as a massage therapist does not allow it. I can’t even tell you the gender of the person. But the person was dressed uniquely and had definite flair. Casual flair, inexpensive flair, putting together the simplest of garments and yet drawing the eye (mine at least) while being a quiet person. Usually that sort of confidence and ease of style comes with maturity but the person was quite young (to me). I know the persons age; I just can’t tell you the exact number.
 I really like my job. I meet people one-on-one and interact with them in a way that delights my introvert soul and helps them renew and heal themselves on both physical and emotional levels.
Must eat and get ready for work now. I work every other weekend ten a.m. to four p.m. It’s two long days but good for the paycheck. I like that too.

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  1. I like how you describe your job. I like THAT aspect of meeting people. One on one. Too many people in one place is too much.