Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time dilation is uncomfortable. Maybe there's a cream for that.

It is a frustrating morning. I feel like time is racing away from me this morning. Time isn’t flying because I’m having fun though, it’s flying because I wish I could stay here and I can’t. I have to go to work. I’ll be happy enough when I get to work. I really like my job. But I have this other fun thing I want to do as well and the two hours I have to spend travelling in between is maddening.

It’s sort of foggy today. I love fog. I know it’s dangerous for driving, but I love looking at it. I must remember to include fog in all my stories. It’s so simple and yet so mysterious.  It’s starting to dissipate right now, but it was thicker when I first woke up and looked through the window at 6:30 am.

I think I really have to start getting up with TheMan everyday at 5 am. Which means I have to stop reading in bed every night until I’m dropping the book. A half an hour of reading should suffice. The story is not going anywhere; the book will not disappear because I don’t read fifty more pages that night. I like being able to talk to TheMan first thing in the morning and have coffee with him. I get a more done in the morning too with an extra hour.

Who was that said, when she stopped working at Starbucks, that she would never again get up before sunrise? Yeah, that was me. If anyone ever asks me the one overall lesson I have learned in life is that I feel I can give to others? It’s never say never.
Gotta get ready for work.


  1. Time with The Man is certainly worth changing your wake up time. :) And that extra hour to spend writing=bonus. :)

    I enjoy being awake for the sunrise. On the other hand, unless I am battling insomnia, I am usually asleep before 10:30. Watching the sun come up is pretty spiritual for me, I guess. It's why I have so many damn pictures of it. Trying to capture the colors and the lighting. And never being able to quite pull it off.

    1. I don't really like being awake that early in the morning. I'd far rather stay up late into the evening. But staying up late is not conducive to goals that are much more important to me, so getting up early it is.