Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our story up to now...

So I got married. At the courthouse.

Yeah, more about that later what I really want to talk about is OH MY GOD the stuff I am finding in my apartment as I clean out 8 years of pack rat living. Seven bags of trash out of my sons' room so far and that really worries me.  Although, when they came over to help me haul stuff to the car yesterday they were entirely unconcerned over what the bags might contain. True hoarders would be terrified at anything being thrown away, true pack rats would be worried that something important had been tossed with the junk...maybe they're not crazy.  A large portion of it was old papers, broken toys, pencil stubs, broken pens, and all the other things boys think are neat when they're pre-teens. I think they moved the porn so I wouldn't find it. At least...I hope they did. Don't worry, Dexter is 21 and DB is it's okay for them to have porn. I just do not wish to know what kind of porn they prefer.  I'm going to stop saying porn now.

Some random stuff I found:
  • 10 lids to plastic storage boxes, varying sizes.
  • 5 pairs of DB's shoes
  • 4 belts, only one of which fit DB now
  • 4 pairs of headphones
  • 2 wired computer mouses (mice? that sounds weird)
  • A partridge in a pear tree
Okay, that last one is an exaggeration, but honestly, it could've been growing in the closet and we'd never have known.

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