Sunday, July 21, 2013

New titles, new titles, new titles for old...

I'm considering a title change for my blog. The "hell in a handcart" reference was appropriate when I started the blog several years ago. The blog quickly stalled because of actual life shit that precluded daily blog updates. Now I'm getting back at it, because if I ever want to be a real damn writer I need a daily discipline of writing, even if it's just snarky blog posts. But...what should the new title be? I want something that encapsulates my brilliance, damn it!


I have a few thoughts.
Corpus Callosum - The corpus callosum is a wide, flat bundle of neural fibers that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Connections, see? Funky connections, which I do. Too pretentious?


Psyche! I totally fooled you guys!
Fangly Fish Laughing - This is all ready the...whatcha call it...domain name? I think that's right, my blog domain name. It's an obscure Homestar Runner reference, from a Strong Bad Email. That there picture of the fangly fish isn't one of the deep sea anglerfish that Strong Bad is referring to though. That's a coelacanth.
 Coelacanth Press - 'Cause I just like the coelacanth and this blog is supposed to be about learning a discipline of daily writing. Having "press" up there would remind me of my writing goals, to eventually be published. Have you heard the story of the coelacanth? It was believed extinct for 65 million years. Then it discovered hanging out off the coast of Madagascar.  That's just a whole barrel of awesome.
Got any suggestions? Opinions?

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  1. stuck between one and three. Like them both.