Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Couch to 5K - Week 5, Day 1 - Dis dat shit that makes you groove...


For the previous four weeks, each of the three workouts for that particular week is the same. Week five begins a variation of workouts, each day gradually increasing the amount of time spent running.
There are mileage options and time options, meaning your first run segment can be ½ mile or five minutes. I’m going to be running the time options today, take my rest day, and on Friday, September 6 run the same workout with the mileage option. I’ll be doing this for each of the three workouts, so week five will actually cover fifteen days and six workouts.

Today’s workout:
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk
Brief stretching routine
Jog 5 minutes/walk 3 minutes; Jog 5 minutes/walk 3 minutes; Jog 5 minutes.
Longer stretching routine 

Breakfast: Greek yogurt, ¼ cup walnuts, 1 tablespoon fig preserves – Tasty!


Everything went very well. Even the pulling I usually feel in my shins was minimal. I accidentally went over time on my second walk segment…I got involved in thinking about an idea and went two minutes over.
BUT!!!! On my third run segment I jogged the rest of the way home! Nine minutes and twenty eight seconds of actual jogging! Yes!! I am steady rockin’ all ya’lls boulevards! Off the richter!!!
Warning…that’s a link to the Black Eyed Peas video Hey, Mama! Everybody’s dressed but it’s still borderline explicit for lyrics and dancing. They twerked before twerking was a thing. Back in 2003 I’m pretty sure it was just called dancing. Or maybe it was called stepping. I’m not well-informed on retro hip hop lingo. I just remember the song was really fun.
So my run was relatively easy. For me. Friday will be more difficult I think. I’ll be running the mileage. I used Google Maps and plotted it out.
Shake your bomb-bombah!


  1. I never considered doing it that way, alternating time and mileage. I will need to seriously consider that.

    LOVE walnuts in my yogurt.

  2. When I felt good I went for the longer of the two. When I felt bad, I went for the shorter :)