Thursday, September 12, 2013

Couch to 5K – Week 5, Day 2 (mileage workout), new pants, and I used to be a kid once.

I started very late today. Meaning just a bit after noon.

Breakfast: Left over Bacon Venison Butternut Squash
Lunch: Yeah…forgot about that until just now. This is probably why I had such a hard time on the second run segment.

Brisk 5 minute warm up walk
Brief stretching routine
Jog ¾ mile; walk ½ mile, Jog ¾ mile
Longer stretching routine
Hydration and eat

I really didn’t want to go out today. I’ve been having bad week. Tuesday and Wednesday were both very, very difficult for me. I stalled and stalled today until noon, not wanting to skip another day, but not wanting to leave the house either. It wasn't that I didn’t want to run today; it was that I didn’t want to leave the house.
The most beautiful pants ever.
And I look fabulous in them.
And then…my Ciara pants came in the mail from Holy Clothing. From Germany! I hadn’t known they were coming from Germany, no wonder it took longer. But it was worth it. They are the most beautiful pants ever, ever, EVER! Ohmigod, my pants are so beautiful and they were in Germany two weeks ago! German people put my pants in an envelope! These pants make me feel really sexy! They’re going to be part of my Red Lady persona for Faire!!!
So what does this have to do with running? Sort of not much, but kind of a lot. Well, when I was trying them on I realized…hey, these fit really well. I wonder if I could’ve ordered the next size down. And may the gods help me; I was actually admiring my own butt in the mirror, because it’s definitely lifted and tightened a little.

All right fine, we’ll leave the house.
So I went out to do my run.  And yeah, that was pretty hard. Very bright, very warm, everything just seemed loud, there were bugs everywhere, jeez another good thing about very early mornings…fewer bugs.
The first run segment went okay, though I was glad to stop for the walk segment. But the second run segment was very difficult. I felt a sense of dread when I started it.  I started jogging but after a couple of minutes I really wanted to walk. Oh, hey...look. This route for the mileage workouts has inclines! I can't really call them hills, they aren't remotely hilly like I'm used to...but they're definitely inclines. I hadn't realized that. See, I'm from Southern Indiana, a place called Floyds Knobs. The dips and swells in this little northern town ain't hills, sugar, not like I grew up walking and biking on. But hey, if you're learning to run over them, they damn sure feel like mountains. I refused to walk though and so I had to drop back down to a shuffle and start going over in my head all the motivational stuff I could think of.
When I turned onto the last street (just about two minutes from the end) I thought, “Dear Gods-Jesus-Christ-thank you, thank you, thank you I’m almost done.” I wanted to cry I was so happy to be almost done.
I didn’t get my endorphins today, goddamnit; I guess my beautiful pants will have to be enough.
So now I’m home and I’ve stretched and I’m happy I did it, even if I was less than thrilled while I was out there.
Saturday is the full twenty minutes run.


  1. First off...I have to laugh. Today I wrote about not wanting leave the house, too. There are people out there! I don't wanna go!

    Secondly...your pants AND your tighter, higher ass!

    Work it, girl!

  2. Good for you! Another day down. Bonus Tighter/higher touché. Early C25K workout does seem better for all the reasons you noted. I prefer after dark or early for my biking.

    Those pants are beautiful. What is the material? It looks soft and flowing. Graceful.

    Could (anyone) instruct me on how to create a different name for these posts? With my Google Account it is just my name. I don't see anywhere I can change it.