Monday, September 2, 2013

Wanna see some pictures?

I'm going to be hanging out at a family friends' house today with TheMan, helping haul branches as they get trimmed off trees. As I'm not having a better idea of what to post today I'll leave you with some pictures.

2011? I think.
December 2010
Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy Graduation photo
Me and my Twin. We look ecstatic because we were DONE.

Arizona Renaissance Faire - February 2010
Houston Renaissance Faire - November 2011
October 2012
Dexter on the left, DB on the right
photo by A Sunshine Moment Photography

October 2012
DB on my left, Dexter on my right
This look is The Eyebrow and they inherited it from me.
'Ware the The Eyebrow. They do it much better than I.
The students have surpassed the teacher.


  1. I miss that face SO MUCH!

    And I love "the eyebrow." I think I've seen you give The Farmboy that look at least once or twice. ;)

  2. I'm feeling very non-mischievous today. Actually feel more like a whining a bit. Anyone want to give me a pity party?

    1. Ask and ye shall receive. Wait right there.