Sunday, September 1, 2013

Couch to 5K - Week Four, Day Four (bonus)

Get on the ready line!

Apone: All right, sweethearts, you're a team and there's nothin' to worry about. We come here, and we gonna conquer, and we gonna kick some, is that understood? That's what we gonna do, sweethearts, we are going to go and get some. All right, people, on the ready line! Are ya lean?

Marines: Yea!

Apone: Are ya mean?

Marines: Yea!


Marines: Lean and mean!

Apone: WHAT ARE YOU? HUDSON! Get on the ready line, Marines, get some today! Get on the ready line! Move it out! Move it out, goddammit! Get hot! One, two, three, four! Get out, get out, get out! Move it out, move it out, move it out! Move it out, move it out, move it out! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! Aaarrrrr, absolutely badassess! Let's pack 'em in! Get in there!

Idea – Running club. Team CM: This time, we win.
Because every step forward is a win.

CM stands for Colonial Marines. I know I can’t actually use that because it’s the intellectual property of the movie creators, but it sure would be fun.
Colonial Marines patches
So I went out running today, thanks to some motivation from Sergeant Apone. Today is a bonus day, and extra day of week four training.
It was foggy and that was just fine with me. The fog made it thick to breath, but I love it anyway. I love how it wraps around things and makes mysteries. Everything looks different and surreal and more interesting somehow. It forces a perspective change. I hear things before I see them. When I see them they look different, like I’m looking through a dimensional portal. While I was doing my pre-run stretching I heard the throaty purr of a motorcycle engine coming down Garfield St. Then I saw, way down the street, a pinprick of light from the headlamp. Then the outline of the bike and rider slowly appeared in the fog as the headlamp got brighter. An regular guy on a morning ride, made extraordinary.
On the return trip back down the street I looked to my left and saw off to the south, just across the railroad tracks, the giant grain silos were wreathed in fog too. You couldn’t see much of the tops, just the barest outline. Almost looked like a castle instead of industrial grain silos. In that moment, the grain silos I see everyday could be any adventurous thing I wanted them to be.
So I’m darn pleased with myself.  I’ve had some fun today.


  1. :) :) :) That is so awesome! I like running in the fog when it's not to hot out. I agree, gives everything a new feel. I also love running when it is snowing. Something great about that, too.

    How's the body feeling?

    1. No muscle soreness at all. Still have this whole body tired feeling I have to push through, but I think that is from my anemia and beta thalassemia issues. It's getting less problematic. Still there, but easier to deal with mentally.

  2. Have you talked to a doc about the anemia? I have suggestions for it but you should *never* take what I say over what your doc says, even though I'm right :D

    1. It's a chronic thing related to my beta thalassemia minor...technically I'm a mutant! Don't you feel cooler now, just being able to know me? I have a minor mutation in the HBB gene on chromosome 11. My mutant power is a slightly elevated chance I'll survive malaria if I ever contract it.