Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mac and Cheese and Chocolate chip won't find that here.

Today I’m having difficulty getting started. I have very little focus and just can’t seem to settle on a thing I want to write about. So I went looking for writing prompts.

I found lots and lots and lots of prompts, yet I haven’t found a prompt yet that I want to use today.  There are many interesting prompts, many I might want to do later, but not today.  For today I wanted one that would prompt a shortish blog post. No such luck.
But I did want to share some of the prompting goodness with you. – Good old Writer’s Digest.  I used to have subscription to the magazine.  I especially like the Someone Else Is Living Here Brian A. Klems.
 Your kids love watching CSI, so you buy them a forensic starter’s kit for Christmas. They begin running simple, fake experiments, collecting DNA, and dusting for fingerprints around the house. When you look at all of the powder and prints they pull, you find there are more fingerprints there then just you and your family’s. Whose are they?

Poets&Writers - This link has prompts for poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. I especially like Coffee Mug Character Development in the fiction prompts.
Sit down at your writing desk and look around you. Many of the objects nearby have a utilitarian purpose: Your coffee mug holds coffee, for instance. Other objects, however, possess emotional significance: your grandmother’s portrait over the couch, the painted conch shell you use as a paperweight. Perhaps that same coffee mug says, in faded and defeated letters, “World’s Greatest Parent.” In writing, objects in a character’s personal sphere should reflect something about the character’s emotional DNA. Start the exercise by making a list of meaningful objects within your character’s reach—wherever they may be. Then build their world into the scene. A coffee mug should never just be a coffee mug.

Christ, it took me for-fucking-ever to find a picture of a mug that was perfect.
So I guess the prompt author is right.  A coffee mug isn't just a coffee mug.

Timothy McSweeney’s Passwords Are All UniqueThirteen Writing Prompts by Dan Wiencek.  I’m not sure if these are serious or satirical or what, but I like them. Timothy McSweeney’s is a San Francisco-based publishing company and keeper of this humour website. So they could be poking holes in the pompous, self-indulgent earnestness to which writer’s can be prone but hey…if they work…



And, now I have to go teach DB how to make macaroni and cheese and also we’re making special chocolate chip cookies too before we do more driving practice on the way to taking him back to his dad’s.


  1. First off, LOVE that mug. I want that mug.

    Secondly, ya might want to hold off eating those special cookies until AFTER the driving lessons.

    1. He's getting better. Still not able to get all the way up to 55 in those zones, but getting better.