Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Couch to 5K - Week 4, Day 2 and another in the series of things you don't see everyday in Illinois.

I felt a bit tired starting out this morning but its six am and I’m awake. I always feel a bit tired. After my pre-walk and my stretching I start the first three minute segment and I’m hit full force with a goddamn WALL of exhaustion. WTF? I went to bed early last night! How the hell is this making me so damn tired? 

Is this a (dum-dum-DUM) BAD RUN? Fuck it. Slow down to a shuffle, push through. I am not in any actual physical pain; I’m just tired, push through. Push through the walk, the second run segment, the second walk.
Into the third run segment, I realize. I get it. I SEEEEE. I remember something else I read in Jim2B’s Good Run/Bad Run post, from the list of things that contribute to a good run. Things I have not done today.  I’ve only had coffee to drink this morning and I haven’t eaten anything, not even a piece of toast. Now what would I say to massage therapy client who told me they trained like that?
I’d politely advise that’s not the wisest idea, because chastising clients is not therapeutic. Also, any and all advice on nutrition and exercise is “outside my scope of practice”.
But when I make the realization for my own training I say to myself, “Eedjit! What the hell are you thinking? Well, obviously you weren’t thinking. Don’t do that again.” So I won’t go for my exercise unhydrated and unfueled again, because damn, that was just unfun.
So…yesterday was a day. I went in to the DMV and waited an hour and a half to get my name and address changed on my license. The DMV lady did me a solid which I won’t explain because it’s long and boring, but technically I feel I owe a favour to the nice DMV lady now. Hopefully it won't require my first born son or my immortal soul...those are already spoken for. I got my name and address changed on my license and my voter’s registration and my address changed on my vehicle registration. Later I went online and changed my name and address on my car insurance. Things are slowly turning over.
This was not the monk I saw,
but this is type of habit he was wearing.
I saw a Buddhist monk buying a flat of Redbull in Podunkville, IL. I was a bit astounded. I really, really wanted to take a picture, because how often do you see that? Here? It’s not very often. I’ve gone forty-two years and today was the first time I’d ever seen a Buddhist monk, much less one paying for Redbull.  I wasn’t sure I was even seeing him correctly. When he left the store and I put down my drink to pay for it I said to the lady behind the counter, “I wonder if that was a Buddhist monk?” and she said, “Yep. They have a place near here.” So there’s that.

I took DB and Dexter to the movie theater and we saw The World’s End. It was as amazingly hilarious and wonderful as I thought it would be, because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and all the others in the wonderful ensemble cast. Simon Pegg is a peach. As the credits rolled, Dexter remarked, “Well, there’s hope for modern cinema.” Because my kid is a badass. DB and I agreed with him. Thank god for the British.

 Now I have to run, because I'm late as usual. Well, not late. I'll get to work in plenty of time, but I prefer to be early. I'm late for being early.

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