Sunday, August 4, 2013

I don't know how I got so tangled...

Character backgrounds. Now, there are some minor plot details in this, mostly of the character development variety...I've tried to make it as vague as possible, but if you prefer absolutely no spoilers you may not want to read it.

Zee- “I’m the kinda girl that hangs with the guys, like a fly on the wall with my secret eyes. Taking it in, trying to be feminine, with my makeup bag, watching all the sin. Misfit, I sit, lit up, wicked.” - No Doubt, Hey Baby!
Except not so much with the “trying” to be feminine, she’s forty-three. She’s very at ease with herself. And she doesn’t wear makeup. But she does enjoy being a girl, as it were.
No first name yet. She has one, but no one uses it, even though she’s not military they use her last name, Zee.  She’s a private contractor hired by the corporation.  She’s the station massage therapist, also trained in emergency medical procedures, and psych counseling.
Commander Jack Stillman – Asian descent. Obviously Stillman is not a typical Asian surname.
Stereotypical hard ass, no-nonsense, seemingly humourless military commander. He expects discipline, following regs, all that stuff. He's a mustang, started off enlisted then went to OCS. He’s in charge of this backwater mining station because of an incident that was one of the few times he bent the rules, but he treats it as any other assignment. He’s a good person, gives respect when it’s earned, is not truly inflexible, he will listen. The military is his life, his family. A trauma in his past keeps him from romantic connections. 
Micah Thomas – the scruffy mysterious young man. Medium-height, medium build. Black hair, pale grey eyes. Sort of shaggy beard, not too long.  He comes to the station to work as a miner, but he has a genius level intelligence and an education. He gets along with the other miners just fine because he’s from a blue collar background. He never talks down to them. He hangs out with them in the break room sometimes and sometimes they sing songs (think Irish pub) and he has an amazing, heartbreaking voice. But he takes time for himself, an introvert but in no way shy, anxious, or uncomfortable in this group of roughnecks.

It was harder than you might think to find this photo.
Ivan  – Russian miner, tall, athletic, blond. Not stupid but doesn’t think things through; his curiosity and joie de vivre get the better of him. Drinks, fights, swears, sings, plays guitar, writes poetry. He finds the alien object.
Valentina – (aka Teeny) Twin sister to Ivan. Leaner but meaner, faster. The two fight constantly but are completely loyal to each other.

This post was edited on August 13, 2013 to remove plot details from the character sketches.

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