Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Couch to 5K: Week Two, Day One - Doin' the Sexy Zombie shuffle!

My Couch to 5K Journey: Week Two, Day One
Today starts the 90 minute running, two minute walking segments.
Conversation in my head:
Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle…shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle...
Slow your (running) pace. You feel that, that hurts doesn't it? Slow down. See, it stopped. You will not get to the end of twenty minutes more quickly if you do the running segments at a faster pace. Time doesn’t speed up because you run (shuffle) faster. The walking segments will not last longer because you are walking slower; you can handle a faster walk pace.
Remember core and joint alignment in class?  Head up, spine aligned, shoulders back and down, hips tucked properly, knees in line with toes…see that feels better, just like when you do it in session.
Stop clenching your toes. It’s making your shins clench too, that hurts more, and that makes the drag feeling increase. Spread your toes. They won’t spread any farther; the shoes are boxing in toes. If I could spread them I think I would feel better. Get the other shoes so you can practice walking in them.
“Well, I’ve been saved by the grace of Southern charm! I got a mouth like a sailor and yours is more like a Hallmark card…
…It’s easier can’t you see, let’s agree to just disagree…
…I’m just like you, only prettier.”
I love that song.
Must shuffle off now to give the boys a driving lesson.


  1. I know we started running for different reasons...doesn't matter. I am incredibly proud of you for doing this. PLUS, I find it incredibly inspirational and it makes me excited to restart my running journey. And someday...you and me...early morning, easy going run...with our hats. :)

  2. I am excited about your reference to 'Core and joint alignment' from class.

    I knew nothing about Core and joint alignment. But (your description: "Head up, spine aligned, shoulders back and down, hips tucked properly, knees in line with toes… " was what I did during my 2nd-3rd week at Amazon because (while walking 8-15 miles each day at a face pace) I found practicing that form relieved foot and knee pain). No I'm not brilliant--just had 9 hours to try different postures during walking.

    1. That's good. They really drilled core movement and joint alignment into our heads in school, it's very important to help prevent injury in my job.