Tuesday, August 6, 2013

POV, writing style, and dead equines.

More from the 30 Day Writing Project -

3- Explain your POV and Style of writing used-
I will not be using first person POV.
Yep. Okay, sure I totally understand what is being asked for here. No, not really, I had to look this stuff up. I vaguely remember learning about POV in high school (twenty-five years ago) but a good deal has happened since then. It’s hazy. I remember first person and third person but not the variants. We won’t go into all of POVs (hint: there’s more than two), you can find more at the links in this post. I’m just going to talk about the one I’ll probably use.
Point Of View -
I will probably use Third Person Multiple point of view because I have many intense characters to work with and the with the situations I’m hoping to put them will create more of an ensemble cast instead of one or two main characters and everyone else just supporting. I want to learn things about all my characters.
This can be very tricky to do correctly; I have to watch I don’t shift character POVs mid-scene.  We’re not going to know everything about everyone, the two mains are Zee and Micah Thomas, but I do want a look into how the plot turns affect the secondary characters emotionally.
I might also consider Third Person Omniscient point of view. But from what I’m reading in this article, it won’t allow me to get into the characters heads as much as I want, so maybe not.
See, this is where a college education and an English major in creative writing would’ve been helpful. Then I wouldn’t be stumbling through questions a second-semester college sophomore would laugh at.
I’m not going to worry about keeping to a strict POV choice right now. I’m going to keep banging away at the keys and getting the story down and when the details are down I can worry about rewriting to keep POV straight.
More on choosing POV for a fiction story:
By the way...don't Google for images of POV unless you want to see lots and lots of variations of this:
Guess why I choose this one...guess!
Style of Writing –
I honestly did not remember anything about this one. This is embarrassing, folks. I’m getting confused by what I’m finding on my Google searches so I’m just going throw this up here and if I’m wrong if someone could gently let me know (gently! I’m an artist, damn you, I’m a fucking fragile creature!) and I’ll fix it.
There are four main types of writing style, or so indicates Syed Hunbel Meer, and I believe him. By the way, your name rocks, Mr. Meer.
I will be using a combination: descriptive and narrative styles. Because it’s a fiction book. That seems straight-forward enough.
At least I think this is what this question of style means in this instance, and not for me to pick something off the list of Style Manuals.
Can I whine about my lack of tertiary education some more? No?
Though perhaps this question of style referred to what precisely am I writing: book, poem, essay, article, etc. It’s a book.
I’m thoroughly confused now. So I'm going to make breakfast, but before I go I will share that I found the above triple-breasted babe picture at the Deviant Art site of Extramorphs. When my son Dexter had last used my computer he left himself logged in to his own Deviant Art profile. I give you Necro Pinkie Pie:
Deadspace and Little Ponies...of course.
Jeez, my kid is weird. I'm so proud!!



  1. I think I might even be a bit more embarrassed than you...or at least have good reason to be. I took Eng 101 (or 110??) last fall. I had to write papers over all four writing styles. I could NOT remember what they were. Had to click your link. Geesh.

    Narrative and descriptive were my fav. papers. :)

    1. Learning is growth! And relearning is...regrowth! Or...something else supportive and inspirational! You choose, it could be anything.

  2. Blech. I don't *want* to remember this stuff!