Friday, August 23, 2013

Couch to 5K - Week Three, Day Three

The Waterman Gobbler Gallop 5K route goes right past my house.

Now, I'm not really interested in doing a 5K just so I can say I did a 5K. But I am interested in using the map of the route for my later weeks of training.

Today's entry is not so encouraging. If you have self-esteem issues it might be a trigger for you. Just so you know.

I did NOT want to go out this morning. This was not mere grumbling. There was hardly any grumbling, because I did not have energy for grumbling. I only had energy for dragging myself through my repetitions. I did three repetitions, as I have the past two days, but I did not like it. I did not feel any exhilaration. I felt like I was dragging myself through mud with weights strapped to my arms.  I felt (and still feel right now) fat. When I got home I just wanted to go back to bed. I dragged myself through my stretches.

Obviously I have found a reserve of energy somewhere, because here I am on the computer typing up my training log instead of lying in bed where I want to be.  I think the desire to whine in public has trumped my desire to lie still.

Why am I so damn tired? I went to bed early last night. I ate my vegetables. I ate all my meals.

The number on the scale has crept up a couple of pounds this week despite my good eating and exercising properly. Good eating and more exercise are supposed to mean less weight and more energy. My clothes still fit fine and I even tried on a smaller size work pants on yesterday's shopping trip (almost there, but not quite) and my brain knows all about the fat/muscle comparison thing...but my brain has also been trained for a long time to see that number on the scale as the be all, end all and it's not going down. I know I'm being illogical. Today I just want the stupid number to go down.

Robert E. Howard
This man wrote Pigeons From Hell.
Boo, yeah.
Thank god I don't have to go to work until three pm. I have a new movie to watch. The Whole Wide World, with Vincent D'Onofrio and Renee Zellweger. Based on a true story, the romance of Robert E. Howard and Novalyne Price. I found it at the Walgreens the other day, a day when I decided to make a right turn where I usually go straight, which is very unlike me. I tend to be uncomfortable deviating from a known route. I wasn't sure if I remembered exactly where the Walgreens was, but I needed tampons. So I found it and I found this movie too.  It's a story I'd never heard, about a person I didn't know anything about...but should, as he's considered the father of the sword and sorcery subgenre of fantasy fiction.

So there's that.

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  1. It happens. It still happens to me. It still happens to our friend the ultramarathoner.

    Don't let the fact that you had a bad run make you feel worse about yourself, because no matter how long you train, how hard you train, what races you eventually finish; you will sometimes have bad runs.

    This might be a small conciliation but when I have a bad run, my heart rate monitor shows my heart works extra hard just to complete that same old distance in the same old time. So your run was "Bad" because your body had to work harder to do the same thing.

    I do not know why, it just is.