Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pardon me, did you know your plot hole is so big it has an event horizon?

Driving home today I saw a man walking down the road, in a sort of rural area. He was dressed entirely in white. Spotless, shining white. White pants, long white over tunic sort of thing, white hat. He had long grey hair and a whitish beard. He had a cross around his neck and a long walking staff. Now there’s something you don’t see every day. At least, I don’t. Your mileage may vary.

I had an idea for a comic today. Not the same idea I had for stick figure history and science comics books. This idea is (Redacted to protect my ideas from being developed by someone who's less hilarious than me. And so I could use the word "redacted" in a sentence. Gigglesnort!). I’m going to list here, in abbreviated form and for my own reference, the ideas I have.

1.      Shirley Temple

2.      Diva

3.      Bacon

4.      Scarlet fever

5.      Big Hug

6.      The Hedgehog incident

7.      Book vs. TV

In other news, I have found the mini-recorder that used to be Dexter’s. He used it to record sounds for his sound library, for his video games and mini-movies. He’s moved on since then, so now it’s mine. I don’t have the cord to download them to my computer, but I can probably buy a replacement. At least now I can get stuff on record while it’s still fresh in my mind. I bought fresh AAA batteries for it today, so it is loaded and ready to take to record the panel ideas for my comic.
2012 copyright
Now I just have to learn…how to draw comics. Mine would be a little more detailed than those at the left, hopefully along the lines of Hyperbole and a Half, but without the color.

Oh, gad.
I have also been working on a full plot synopsis for Project Kittinger, but probably will not post that. I’m paranoid that someone will steal it. Also, I harbor the strange idea that people will want to actually read this book and will not want the story to be spoiled for them, so I will ask if anyone wants to read it to see if they can spot any plot holes I might not have noticed. If anyone says yes, I will send them a paper copy they can write on to make notes, complete with self addressed stamped envelope to return it to me. Old School.
That's mostly it for today, thank you, gentle readers!


  1. OK. Seriously..on the way home this evening I was telling Jim that I was concerned about you sharing too much of your story online as I was scared someone could/would steal it! I think this is very wise of you. On the other hand...I wanna know! ;)

    1. I'm thinking of going back and editing down the character sketches I posted to just a few lines. Don't want people thieving my personality outlines.

  2. If I were you I wouldn't share the incomplete work/ideas, however, if you wanted to start writing little snippets of finished work, that might work. It would also give you experience with the end product and hopefully be fun too!

    1. Post edited to take out details of idea, thank you sir.