Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm going to have a busy rest of my life.

Novel ideas:

·        Space Station Kittinger: A space station! Ooh! Maybe the station is a mining operation on an asteroid or near an asteroid belt, maybe the station is a preliminary construction for a mining operation on a planet, maybe for terra-forming. The station and transports are run by the evolved Earth planetary military, a combination of army, navy, and air force. This is because the training, discipline, and drive are the highest quality. The station is funded by a corporation. No, not a stereotypical greedy corporation, a perfectly nice one. This is a fiction in itself, I know. Shut up. One of the main characters is Zee, the red-headed running woman. She’s the station massage therapist, yes this is what I do for a living, but you should write what you know and after doing this for three years I really think a massage therapist should be included on the staff of these expeditions. She’d be trained in other areas of course, definitely medical emergency training, maybe in physical therapy too, or counseling. She’d have unarmed combat training required. Side note: I’ve decided that since running and pushing yourself past comfortable limits will be a theme in this book, I have to take up running myself. I have to know how it feels from the inside. Sigh, okay now that I’ve said it out loud I have to do it. No excuses. No, I probably won’t be running any marathons, except for maybe the Dirty Girl Mud Run, because damn that looks fun. 

·        One hundred and seven years into our future. Because I had to pick a number. A new, habitable world is found in another galaxy. There has been one small advanced survey team to the planet to observe it for two years from space, with short ground trips of two weeks in many different areas. They’ve also observed the surrounding space to check for “neighbors.” Now, we’re sending a settlement ship. We’ve discovered an engine drive that can get us there, near light speed, or fusion drive, or what have you (note to self: long consult with JB required), in thirteen years. The ship will be maintained by a crew and a second “crew” of children to be raised in space so that when they reach the planet they’ll be around ten. Main character is an older woman. She’s had her own family (three grown children and four grandchildren). She’s an anthropologist, an expert in all those things people had to do before technology. She’s also level-headed, rational, kind, patient, determined, curious…if we have a mystery? She’ll solve it or find a person who can help her solve it. Jim…I’m naming the ship’s computer after you.  Be prepared.

·        Fantasy novel. Dragons. Not your ordinary dragon kind. This one is hard to synopsisize (spell-check is telling me that’s not a word, I say it is now)…there’s so much in my head about it, so much of the beginning of the story already it’s interfering with trying to describe it in general terms. There’s dragon kind (which I will come up with an alternate but similar word for, in their own language…or maybe I’ll just take the easy route and use Latin) and they have three forms. Their dragon form, a humanoid form, and a third in between form. There are humans that inhabit this world too, but they have very little contact with the dragons because that’s the way the dragons want it. In the recent (for the dragons, maybe 200 years prior) past they’d had more contact, but not now. The dragons are an ancient race (of course). Events occur that bring the two races back together. It will be very involved and probably take me several years to finish.
Richard Feynman: Dimensional Awesomeness
          Scifi/fantasy mashup, dimension crossover. A wizard (sorcerer, what have you, but not an ordinary sorcerer…I’m basing him on Richard Feynman…so there…there will be awesome near-science stuff involved!) casts a spell to bring an answer to a group of people in desperate straits because of the villain. The answer is a person, a woman snatched from another dimension. She is not what they expected. Adventures ensue. Strengths will be found, battles will happen, love occurs, respect is earned on all sides, etc.


  1. Jessica,

    On the running, Beth and I suggest that you look at the Couch to 5K program ( Feel free to ask questions to :)

    On the space station, I do recommend placing it on a Near Earth Asteroid for a variety of reasons (water chief among them).

    On the discover of a inhabitable planet, no reason to put it in another galaxy. If we're talking 107 years in the future, having it in a nearby star system (Alpha Centauri A would work, but I'll find a more exotic one if you like) would be plenty hard and take decades to get to even with optimistic sub-light propulsion.

    1. The Couch to 5K program is the exact one I'd picked. It looks like the baby steps are small enough for me. I've got it printed out. Now I'm just trying to push past the self-consciousness of what I'll look like when I'm actually running. I feel like a lumbering hippo. I know if I just get started and keep at it that feeling will pass, but that's an awfully big hippo standing in my way at present.

    2. ((hugs)) I know exactly what you are feeling. It is probably the hardest hurdle for many women (and some men) to get over when starting to run. When I first started with C25K, I always felt like a "poser." But it got easier each time. Do you have a walking or bike trail near by?

      I will be restarting either in late Sept or early October. I know those doubts will creep in again, but it will be easier to shut them out this time.

      When I ran my first mile without stopping I cried like a baby. :) I really looking forward to experiencing that again. (OK, my 2nd first time) ;)