Monday, August 5, 2013

Fight, fight, fight!!!

Today is fractured. Mind spinning, buzzing, stuck on repeat with sparring scenes for Zee and Stillman. With the exception of five or sessions with a personal trainer who taught me some boxing moves at the end of each session, I have absolutely no training in any type of combative exercise. I did love those boxing sessions though, gods they were fun. But that was me practicing punches while he moved the pads around, no true thinking involved.
Vaguely like this.
In the picture at the left, imagine me (so longer brown hair on that lady and about sixty extra pounds on her) in regular boxing gloves, and for that man there imagine an incredibly buff African-American guy named Antoine. He was a incredible hard ass but I loved every session.
So along with running I’m going to have to take up some form of martial art, because I have to know what the sparring feels like.
 I’m taking TheDaughter to her appointment for her physical for school. Then we shop for school supplies and groceries. Then I come home and try to figure out how I messed up downloading the drivers for printer, because it says they were installed but the laptop still doesn’t recognize there’s a printer attached to it.
Then I will see what DeKalb has to offer for martial arts lessons.
Now I have to get TheDaughter up and fed and dressed.

Picture found at Ready Woman.

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