Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five: The Person Who...

Since I’m not feeling any word flow yet today, let’s do the Friday Five!
  1. At a business establishment you patronize regularly, what might the employees refer to you as, when they speak of you behind your back?
It's true.
Hm. Tough…I try hard to be invisible, so I can observe as much as possible without being a creeper about it. The only place I frequent on a regular basis that the employees might remember me is the Starbucks that is one store over from the massage clinic at which I work. I don’t order any one drink too often, so I can’t  be identified by that. I don’t think they talk about me once I walk out the door, honestly. At least I hope not. I used to work at a different Starbucks and we generally only discussed the really difficult customers. I try to always be polite, knowing how it is to work in the service industry as I do. Maybe “that nice therapist”?

  1. Similarly, at your places of employment, current and/or past, what do either the patrons or brand-new employees who don’t remember your name yet probably refer to you as?
You’re making this one set hard on me. I don’t know. I have really curly hair, but it’s usually all pinned up for sessions, so it’s hard to tell it’s curly. If a client wants the same therapist he or she had last time, or two sessions before, but can’t remember the name the front desk assistants can just look it up. So the clients don’t really have to remember.
Maybe the other employees might say I’m quiet, because I am when I first meet someone new.

  1. Aliens have come to earth to observe families and take notes. If each member of your family is listed as the one who __________, which are you? (bonus question: what are the others in your family written down as?)
Not an actual picture of my family.
We're much worse.
Me: The Watcher (or The Reader or The Writer, depending on when they observe)
DB: The Political One
Dexter: The Artistic One
TheMan: The Fixer
TheDaughter: The Friendly One
  1. You meet someone you had a crush on in high school, someone who didn’t know you felt that way (let’s say you meet him or her in the grocery store and that the snow is falling Christmas Eve…). He or she doesn’t remember your name, but does remember you. How are you cataloged in this old crush’s memory?
This Star Trek novel is far more interesting
than conjugating French verbs.
Brownie points to the Question Maker, I LOVE that song. I really don’t think anyone from high school who wasn’t in my very small social circle remembers me. But if by happenstance they did, I could only assume I would be “That quiet girl who read books during lectures.”

  1. If a hobby of yours were to have some kind of club, and if the other club members only knew you by your particular preferences, styles, or behaviors in that hobby, how would they refer to you?
Heh. This one is easy. I’m wearing the shirt right now! “Geek Mom”
And damn proud of it.


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