Thursday, August 8, 2013

There's something you don't see everyday...well, not in Illinois anyway.

Going to work this morning at eight a.m. Tootling through the subdivision in town to get to Hwy 23. Several blocks down I see a tiny silhouette, a person walking along the side of the road. The person has something on their head. Something rather large. Some sort of large hat maybe?

"Damn, " I said to myself. "That sure looks like a sombrero."

A minute later I pass this person. I see a middle-aged woman, wearing exercise clothes, sneakers, a windbreaker, and a sombrero. Not just any large brimmed sunhat, an honest-to-Pete sombrero, with the high crown and the decorative stitching.

Day made before 9 AM. Thank you, Random Town Lady.  Thank you.