Sunday, August 4, 2013

Worry not my daughters, worry not my sons...

Number two on the list of thirty day writing project prompts.
2- Genre of the story explained in detail –
Hm. This answer is proving more difficult than I imagined. I’m having a scattered day. Processing is difficult. I know what I know, just don’t know why or how I know it.
Space Station planned by Orbital Technologies
Project Kittinger is firmly in the science fiction genre. Although I would say I am not so much using “scientific understanding to explain the universe that it takes place in.” More hopefully I will be telling a rockin’ story of adventure, romance, and intrigue, which it just so happens is occurring in space. So why is it necessary to set it in space, you might ask. Couldn’t you tell the same story right here on earth?
Perhaps I could. But my characters didn’t come to me like that. They came to me on a space station…or on a ship bound for a new planet.  I sort of feel like I’m not so much writing the story but transcribing what the characters reveal to me. I didn’t choose them. The choose me.

I’ve always loved sci-fi. Always. When I was a little girl (four or five) I watched Star Trek with my dad on Sundays. The original series. It was da bomb. Yo, true stories. After that, how could I not love it.

That’s it for today. Just too unfocused today. Ask some questions if you like, maybe I’ll be able to answer them.

Picture credit: Orbital Technologies


  1. Question: How do these characters come to you? In your dreams? While taking long drives and letting your mind wonder, free association sort of thing? Do they smack you in the face suddenly or is it a gradual thing? (or a combination of all the above?) :)

    1. I see them walking and talking, like movies. They wander across the screen of my mind and put themselves on repeat until I do something about them. I hear and see them interacting, fighting, kissing, working. If I think, "How would Zee do this?" It usually doesn't work. If I say, "Zee, show me what you do." It usually just flows out. Sometimes it takes some time. Sometimes, a lot of times, certain songs inspire make the movies happen.

  2. Hey, I've got a combo for you, it's called a "cycler." You might consider it a space station or a space ship the details are important are far too much to fit in a comments section. I'll try to start providing info on it in my blog on space colony essentials.