Thursday, August 15, 2013

Week two, Day two of C25K AND number four on the writing project! A two-fer-one!

I’m getting really sick of YouTube constantly asking me to change my “hard to read” screen name that I’ve had for three years and like perfectly fine, thank you. I choose that screen name for a very specific reason. No, dipshit YouTube owners, I do not want to use my full name! Why the hell would I want to do that? And there’s no “Don’t show me this again” box, they just keep asking every time I bring up YouTube to listen to music.

During this morning’s run (shuffle) I saw a problem with the mechanics of a major scene and then I fixed it. I’m awesome! It has to do with doors. That’s all you get. Also, on a couple of my run segments I ran over time without noticing. I think that means I’m getting better. I also felt very invigorated afterwards, instead of just tired. So that’s good!
Since I can't seem to make out a proper blog entry after sitting here staring for awhile, I’ll do something from the 30 (non-consecutive) Day Writing Project Meme.
4- Describe your inspiration and what message you wish to bring across –
Um…yeah. Sure! I can do this. My inspiration was…it was…
Okay, totally lying. My characters just show up. I get an image and some sound (running bare feet and accelerated breathing and a beating heart) and that expands to a person. The person starts doing things and saying things and going places and talking to other people who also start doing things and saying things and going other places. I’m possessed. Or crazy. Or both. Or I’m just a writer. Does this happen to other writers? I don’t know. I’m a crazy, possessed writer. That oughta sell!!
What message do I want to bring across? I don’t know that I have a message. Real women kick ass and take names? That sounds good.
So….I’m done. Well, that’s was less than satisfying. We’ll try to do better tomorrow, ‘kay? 


  1. Woot! Lovin' that the running is getting easier and that you are able to think about your writing while you are running.

  2. Am I supposed to create a special unrecognizable name/label for posts. Don't know and Didn't. The way you explained how you get images, sounds, feelings for writing. It reminds of an interview I saw with Lionel Richie back in.. Well way back 1980's? Anyway, he was asked about his inspiration for his lyrics. Sometimes he'd wake up at night with words or phrases surfacing. Creative minds.

    I usually write from memory, with a phrase, sentence, something I heard another say, surroundings or emotion triggering my writing. I don't know how to think fiction.

    1. As long as you don't care if people see your full name. It's putting up whatever you have on your Google+ profile. I don't know if you can change the user name on that.

  3. I admire your discipline for getting up and running. And that it's getting easier and opening your mind.