Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Five - Greener Pastures

  1. What’s something non food-related you have to go to a nearby town to do because the town where you live doesn’t have it?
Alas, C'est pas vrai.
I just moved to a very small town, so that’s nearly everything. There’s a gas station, a library, a tiny post office. Oh…and oddly enough, a candle store and distribution center, 1803 Candle Co.  But the drug store, grocery store, hair salons, movie theaters, bookstores, game stores…all in the next towns.
  1. What’s something you go to a nearby town to do because your town’s version of it isn’t as good?
Yep, again, nearly everything.
We do have a really sweet clock tower.
  1. What’s something people in nearby towns come to your town to do?
Not pictured: He Who Walks Behind the Rows
Veiw cornfields? Stop for cheap gas and free air to fill the tires? And possibly buy candles. There’s also a 5K called the Gobbler Gallop in November. You can also take a half mile train ride on a 1/3 scale miniature train.

  1. In what way are residents of a nearby town different from residents in your town?
Hm, I live fifteen minutes from Dekalb, IL. That’s where NIU is located. I’m thinking Dekalb is gonna have a higher percentage of liberals.
Look at 'em. Rabble rousers!
  1. Many towns give themselves nicknames, like “______ Capital of America” or “America’s ___________est Town” or “Home of __________.” What would be a good nickname along these lines to give the town where you live?


"Home of Monsanto…hardly any poison, we swear."


  1. I realize my small town is a bit bigger than yours....;) but what I'd give for a bookstore here. Even a nice used one. It was quite the shock going from Crystal Lake to here. A Borders and Barns and Noble within 1/4 mile of each other. *sigh* And a Kohl's, Marshals AND TJMaxx!

    Regardless, I love it here. And I suspect my wallet is a bit more safe. :)

    1. That picture was snagged off of Wikipedia, it's actually a bookstore in Italy. While Waterman doesn't have much, DeKalb is a college town and has a few more things. Sycamore is close too, it's one of those "cute" towns so it might have an independent bookstore.