Sunday, August 11, 2013

Does dodging goose poop count as an obstacle course?

Third day of running was slightly annoying. There was goose poop everywhere. The cord for my ear buds kept getting caught up. I somehow forgot how to correctly operate the buttons on my chronograph after two days of doing just fine; I kept pressing the wrong one and having to reset. On the turnaround the sun was now behind me and my shadow running along ahead of me was very distracting because my hips looked e-nor-mous.

But it was a better day too. My lungs are adjusting surprisingly fast, very slight elevated breathing. If it weren’t for my legs still feeling like they’re being dragged down at the shins I think I could actually run more than the sixty seconds. Well, and I will be, because the next running day (Tuesday) will start the ninety second running segments. This Thursday I have a massage with a very experienced therapist at my clinic. That will be nice and rejuvenating.
And boom, just like that I have a new understanding of my running clients obsessive need to discuss their training. I’m always professional of course and I listen, but in my head sometimes I was annoyed and it was something I had to clear out to focus on the massage. Now I will have more patience with them. So I’ve got that going for me.

In other news, I am jonesing for some higher education. I have to get off here and get ready for work, but I really wish I could be getting ready for school instead.


  1. YES! I does count!

    One of the things I do to avoid the wire twist and accidentally yanking my earphones off my head or out of my player is to thread the wire through my shirt or sleeve...depending on whether I am carrying it in my hand or my pocket. Sleeve works better when it is cold out and you've got long sleeves to work with.

  2. I wear my music player on my hip and thread the ear bud cord down my shirt - for the very same reasons.

    Also my shins plagued me quite a bit during C25K. I eventually switched to toe running and this fixed the problem. Unfortunately, it also requires very strong calves, so you might want to start working on that.

    1. Heh, strong calves I got in spades. My calves were already fairly good but they're even better now. It's a side effect of my job and certain moves I have to do to get really deep work done on clients backs, especially lower backs.