Sunday, August 18, 2013

Handmade soap, earrings, and sweater coats - becoming a warrior has somehow made me want "girly" things. How does that work?

Staring, staring, staring at the blank page on my screen. What to write about? Yesterday’s trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire? I lost the soap I bought. It fell out of the top of my bag. A bar of Ocean and a bar of Dragon’s Blood.  I was highly annoyed. I’d been looking forward to using that soap. But fortunately it was just the soap and not my wallet, which I had purposefully shoved to the bottom of my bag under everything else. I found the vendor’s online store so I can get the soap again if I want.

While I was at the faire I thought I might get some tiger’s eye earrings to celebrate my victory of five minutes and 12 seconds of non-stop shuffling. I couldn’t find a pair that called to me though. I only want to buy them if they sing to me. Honestly, while tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone, I prefer ocean jasper. I was looking on Etsy this morning and found a beautiful set of ocean jasper earrings that I’m thinking about. I like the simplicity, the oval shape, the gorgeous mottled, silver-grey color. I’ll think about it awhile longer. I haven’t worn earrings (or any jewelry really) on a consistent basis in a very long time. I don’t want to buy something just because it’s pretty. I want to actually wear it.

Speaking of Etsy, have you seen Katwise Creations? Freakin’ gorgeous recycled sweater coats. Everytime she posts a batch of coats they sell out in minutes. There was a booth at faire yesterday selling coats of this style. I’m thinking about getting Katwise’s tutorial for making my own coat. Then I can have just the color’s I like. I’d need to buy a serger sewing machine, but I’ve been wanting one anyway. I love making costumes and clothes and serged edges add strength to a garment, as well as possible decorative features.  Below is an example of the coats she makes. I really love the tied waist on this one, but I'd want different colors. Maybe ocean colors.
This photo does not belong to me. I put it up here to better sing the praises of Katwise Creations.
Go forth and look at her awesomeness on Etsy!

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